Thursday, February 27, 2014

FFwD ~ garbure from the supermarket

This week's going fast
blink2 its Friday again!
we are making soup:
my adaptation as follows
below: one piece store-bought roasted duck thigh and one duck neck
and one piece smoked garlic sausage and smoked chunk loin
onions, garlic, celery and leeks
and sans the chili flecks (cos DH don't eat hot)
I did add some fresh ginger and black pepper 
because all the meat ingredients I used were roasted and smoked
and the beans came from the tin (could not find dried beans)
my cooking time was 1.5 hours instead of 3 hours
I chopped into large chunks half the carrots and left the baby potatoes whole
45mins before the soup was ready I added the diced
parsnips and the balance of the carrots, diced
and 5 mins before serving added the chopped cabbage
and the drained and rinsed beans (cos I like them visible)


Below: Served this to DH for breakfast this morning
(cos he is going away down south)
he said this is good for lunch, not breakfast
...small sigh....
below:  and I had a cup of pulled tea 
(in addition to soup for breakfast - no wonder I am skipping lunch)
with a Lemon Velvet cupcake
I used Dorie Greenspan's lemon curd recipe
for the topping
why Dorie's?
cos she uses whole eggs instead of just egg yolks - LoVe!!
cos I don't like too much stuff in the freezer
check out the recipe for > Lemon Velvet Cake (Square) 
see that layer of lemon curd?
do check out the rest of group's results at:
 garbure from the supermarket (p86) 

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  1. Looks great! And I am with you on Dorie's lemon curd.

  2. The soup looks great! I love the lemon curd, too. It's good on just about everything.

  3. Definitely think it's lunch, not breakfast food but delicious anyway!

  4. Soup for breakfast! Ah the troubles that a food blogger's husband has to put up with:-)

  5. Looks great! Glad you enjoyed it!
    The lemon curd sounds wonderful…yum!

  6. LOL...I don't think my hubby would like this for breakfast, either, though he loved it. Your muffins look amazing!

  7. I must admit that I have to hang with your husband on your choice of breakfast cereal. Not thinking that soup should be on the menu. But since you left out the hot chili flecks, maybe it's okay. Now, as for the Lemon Velvet Cupcakes with homemade Lemon Curd. That's my idea of a great breakfast. Loved this Post. Made me laugh.

  8. This probably would not have been my breakfast choice, but it does look delicious! :-)
    I agree with Mary - cupcakes for breakfast? Absolutely!

  9. I am glad you enjoyed this recipe. I might try it for breakfast, my version was a little bland for dinner.

  10. This was perfect for a cold night. Filling, comforting, delicious. Definitely a repeat.

  11. The soup looks delicious, and the cupcakes look scrumptious.

  12. Love the meat selections you ended up with in your soup. I like my beans "visible" too and I think they ended up a bit "al dente" because I was so focused on their not turning to mush :) Live and learn. We did love the soup but ended up freezing some. The cupcakes would not have been frozen, no matter how many I even made...they would be eaten in our house. Yummy job on it all !!

  13. I just finished my breakfast, and now you have me craving cupcakes. I love anything lemon, and those sound incredible.

  14. Fun meat choices and soup for breakfast? - that could definitely happen around here!

  15. Emily, your Garbure looks so wonderful and so do your lovely cupcakes - I am a lemon lover as well, so I would not ming indulging in one of these cupcakes, that´s for sure!