Thursday, March 6, 2014

FFwD ~ Two Tartines from La Croix Rouge

A non-effort, everything store-bought
simply stuff on toast as
said by Trevor!

Read one of Dorista's post on this week's recipe HERE! 
Remembering Paris
I had a small thought of making my own cornichons
but it remained a thought
 Roast Beef on Country Bread
for dinner
multigrain mustard on one slice of bread, 
butter on the second and hot cili sauce on the third!
roast beef from Jay's
(sorry - night time picture taking above)
Smoked Salmon on Ciabatta
for DH's lunch
(sans wedge of lemon - DH's off citrus)
smoked salmon from Ampang Grocers
on french mustard on ciabatta
with home grown arugula and oregano for garnish
do check out the rest of group's results at:
 Two Tartines from La Croix Rouge (page 42)

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  1. I'm impressed you even considered making your own cornichons. The thought never even crossed my mind. Looks good!

  2. Oh, boy, you had an ambitious thought! And I was just glad for an easy recipe :) Well done!

  3. Looks great!! I have never even thought of making my own cornichons! Good on you even thinking about it! :)

  4. Emily, very nice looking tartines indeed! This was a nice and easy Friday - one we obviously all enjoyed!

  5. Emily, it all looks delicious! I didn't even consider making my cornichons and they say its the thought that counts, right. I'm giving you credit!

  6. I never saw tiny fresh cucumbers for making cornichons before. How cool! All your tartines look delicious, Emily!

  7. Your tartines look good, especially the salmon version.

  8. Beautiful! I’m with Liz…grateful for an easy week!

  9. Looks delicious. This was fun - and easy!

  10. Very nice - it was wonderful to have a no cook week, wasn't it?

  11. Home made cornichons? They do sound like a fun project. I'm jealous enough of your home grown arugula.