Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Country Cooking Club ~ May 2017 Round up!

It is time for a roundup of delicious meals I made

headed by our lovely leader
Here is another delicious month with Hugh!
May's round-up!
Flatfish in a bun ~ Recipe from pages 152-153
Finally got around to making this with sole fillets, in a bun
but equally nice with that awesome caper mayo on a bed of greens alone!
Coat the sole fillets with seasoned flour, pan fried for two minutes on
each side.  Spread that gorgeous homemade capers mayo generously on both
sides of the toasted bun, layer on lettuce leaves (I used little gem lettuce),
add a squeeze of lemon juice and eat!
Tartiflette toasties ~ recipe from pgs 114-115
My adaptation of Hugh's recipe:
Bacon, cold cooked potato, olive oil, milk instead of cream
grated cheddar and bread. Simple, yet big yumms!


Sardine nicoise lunch (box) ~ recipe from pages 98-99

 Above: packing a work lunch of cold cooked potatoes, green beans, sardines.
Seasoned with salt and black pepper, splash of olive oil and a last minute squeeze of lemon juice!
- the simple way!
 Beetroot and Walnut Hummus, from mezze and tapas section,
recipe from pages 300-301
I scaled down the ingredients for half a cooked beetroot,
served with baked flat bread (store bought)
and as suggested, as a sandwich, well open sandwich that is!
the beetroot walnut hummus tasted pretty good I must say. 
This will tide me over while I decided what to order to go
with my pint of light ale at the pub!

Tomato toasts, recipe from pages 54-55

On toasted (and garlic rubbed) sourdough bread,
Hugh uses fresh tomatoes in his version, but I prefer
my tomatoes roasted!
 two ways: roasted tomatoes halves left whole, or rubbed onto bread
and I had another slice of the same but smothered
with cream cheese under the tomatoes!  Both ~ Yumms!


A variation of Hugh's stuff on toast - page 58-59
instead of smoked salmon or scrambled eggs
I did Serrano ham on toast with a poached egg
Poached eggs (Hugh's vortex style with 'two tiny drops of vinegar' 
for insurance!) Success! In addition to Serrano ham on toast
(instead of scrambled eggs)
Warm leek and white bean salad with mustard dressing
recipe from pages 280-281
Great way to use up pantry canned items!
I used one leek and lots of herbs!
a delightful meal any time of the day!
Lemony zucchini on toast ~ Recipe from pages 262-263
A delightful meal on toast, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner!
(of course - I had more servings than this! LOL)
I scaled down the recipe for one pax.
Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall's River Cottage Every Day


Andrea_TheKitchenLioness said...

Dear Emily, you are always such a dedicated homecook, you pack as many wonderful dishes in one post as you can - all freshly prepared, so nicely presented and shared with your darling hubby. He must be so happy to be able to enjoy all of those lovely dishes that you make for the both of you. I know a few of the recipes you chose this month, like the red beet hummus, the lemony zucchini and the tartiflette and I know that they all taste wonderful!
Thank you for sharing all your recipe pics, your comments and thoughts on Hugh´s recipes!
So glad to have you along for the Cottage Cooking Club ride!
Thank you!

Cheri Savory Spoon said...

Hi Emily, looks like you have been very busy, love the flatfish sanwich, making a mental note to make this for next month. Love all the recipes you nprepared, gorgeous pictures!

Peggy Gilbey McMackin said...

Hi Emily, your selection looks terrific. I like the Serrano ham with the poached eggs too. The yellow tomatoes is a nice variation on the red for toasts too. I prepare the leeks and white beans last month and enjoyed the version. Take care and see you next time around!