Tuesday, July 28, 2015

CCC (Cottage Cooking Club) ~ July 2015

Enjoying my second month cooking along

with a healthy lifestyle cooking group

Every Day Veg (well... almost everyday!)

In the order of what I ate...

(1) Green beans, new potatoes and olives
from page 222 - cupboard suppers
(2) Summer stir-fry with egg-fried (cauliflower) rice!
from page 286 - pasta and rice
(3) Marinated cucumber with mint - pg 122

and from the same page...
(3a) Avocado (pickled young papaya) and ruby grapefruit
with chili
 from page 122 - raw assemblies
pickled young papaya in place of avocado
(nope, still have not developed any liking for avocado
- but I did buy them and promptly forgot all about them
languishing in the fridge and had to throw them out!)
picture of original recipe from the book with avocado
below - my version with only pickled young papaya
being out of the normal
but delish!
(4) Runner beans with tomatoes and garlic - pg 375
(I used long beans and ladies fingers)
cos I could not find 'runner beans'
(5) on the Left below: Peperonata (page 20)  with
(6) Couscous salad with herbs and walnuts (page 89)
but instead of Summer couscous salad cos I prefer walnuts!
(7) and Runner beans with tarragon and lemon (page 375)
All for me as DH is in hospital for a minor surgery...
(8) Mexican tomato and bean soup (page 138)
with a mixture of black beans and white beans

lost a couple of lbs in July!


want the recipes?  go buy a copy of it!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

TCS ~ July 2015 ~ Key Lime Icebox Cake!

I wonder if the TCS members managed to cover all the four choices for July!?

1. Lane Cake - A sticky rum & raisin filling oozes out and covers a golden layer cake. P76

2. Key Lime Icebox Cake - This refreshing summertime cake is really a super sneaky shortcut in cake baking - there's no cake to bake. Instead graham crackers sandwich a tart custard. P108

3. Tiramisu Layer Cake - This cake combines the flavour of traditional tiramisu with a 
layer cake you can decorate. P115

4. Mexican Chocolate Pound Cake - We replicated the flavour profile of Mexican chocolate
using semisweet chocolate and cinnamon. P185
without hesitation, I choose Key Lime Icebox Cake - page 108
using both Limau Nipis and Limau Kasturi
 at half the recipe
no graham crackers from the USofA to be found
only one brand available from.... 
the Philippines!
 I opted to top the slice with tropical fruits instead of whipped cream
a nice dessert!
also good on its own, without any additional touches!
 Do visit us at FB to see the results of the group!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Rachel Khoo's recipes

from Rachel Khoo's website


my collection of  Rachel Khoo's cookbooks:
Rachel Khoo's
The Little Paris Kitchen
My Little French Kitchen
RK's Kitchen Notebook

and the latest additions to my collection:
Rachel Khoo's 'sweet & savory pates'
and Rachel Khoo's 'muesli & granola'