Saturday, May 21, 2016

CtBF ~ FRD ~ Ham, Blue Cheese and Pear quiche!

are cooking from My Paris Kitchen,
David Lebovitz's latest book.
A Big Thank You to KatieBetsy and Mary
for putting everything into order and making it happen!
my collection of David's books:

Mardi's Jamie's FR - not just one day but every day!

Watching it live now! (well, that's what it says)
wholemeal pancakes - three ways
poached eggs with chili
In our Prof's own words
For Cook the Book Fridays on Friday May 20th 2016, we’re all going to be cooking the dish we’ve deemed a “must know” starter French recipe – QUICHE! David’s recipe for Ham, Blue Cheese and Pear quiche (p 155) includes a pastry crust recipe – something that really should be in everyone’s repertoire whether they are French or not!
 My two versions:
the large one - original recipe from DL
the small one - vegetarian ie without the ham, non vinny too
I used cheddar!

here is a peek of what I am doing for JO's FRD
at The Cottage Cooking Club!
Do check out CtBF and see the results of our members
Note: We do not publish recipes at CtBF,
but certain recipe links are available at Amazon,
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Thursday, May 19, 2016

TCS - May's Marmalade gingerbread

The Cake Slice Bakers are baking from
 our current cakebook 
for year November 2015 to October 2016!
Maida Heatter's Cakes
May Cake options: 
1. Big Daddy's Cake P71
2. Dione's Chocolate Roll P75
3. Aunt Leah's Raspberry Bars P245
4. Marmalade Gingerbread P317
Making the Marmalade Gingerbread was quite
interesting, and so easy to put together!
Always use room temperature ingredients (unless specified)
creamed the butter to loosen it, add the honey,
then the marmalade, half the dry ingredients,
add the two eggs, one by one,
followed by the rest of the dry ingredients.
Lastly stir in the rum infused grated lemon rind.
As usual, I choose to make mini-cakes instead of one big one.
Divide the mixture into buttered and floured pans,
into a pre-heated oven.  Since I made mini-cakes,
these took me only 30mins!
It baked very well and has a light and tight cake crumb,
came out of the pans without any hitch too.
I used a local Malaysian honey, the vendor asked me - did I want
the Kampong (village) or the Hutan (jungle) honey
Kampong meant honey made from Durian flowers etc
Hutan meant honey made from wild flowering plants!
Love those bees!
I would say the taste of this cake will largely depends
on the honey you use.  On the hindsight, I should have reduced
the amount for the honey - as is - a wee wee bit too sweet for my taste.

even then, I served this with ice cream and toasted hazelnuts!
with my fruits and Turkish coffee for breakfast this morning!
 For those of you interested in joining the Cake Slice,

 a group of dedicated bakers, please contact Laura,

our group administrator, with enquiries."

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Cookbook Countdown #5: Honey & Co's Meatballs in a sweet, sour & spicy tomato sauce

 Welcome to Cookbook Countdown
 I'm co-hosting Cookbook Countdown together with Joyce of Kitchen Flavours. If you are like us, who love to collect cookbooks and have an overcrowding bookshelf (or bookshelves!), yet most of the books have not been used at all, now is the time to change that. Join us at Cookbook Countdown
meatballs ready to be baked
meatballs added to a sweet, sour
(with lemon peel & 100ml of fresh lemon juice)
and spices!
 Meatballs (beef and lamb) in a sweet, sour and spicy tomato sauce
to be paired with couscous or rice
( pages 182-183 of Food From the Middle East )
Meatballs in sweet, sour and spicy tomato sauce
with Quince fruit
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