Friday, August 16, 2019

Cold chicken, anchovies and eggs

Good way to use leftover cooked chicken and hard boiled eggs. I simplified the recipe further by heating up the anchovies with their oil in small pan and add them to the shredded cold chicken and shelled and halved hard boiled eggs. Add rinsed capers, chopped herbs and a squeeze of lemon juice. 
Recipe from pages 262-263 of Meat section of 
River Cottage light & easy by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
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Tropical smoothie

Inspired by tropical smoothies from the breakfast section of River Cottage, Light and Easy.  I used ripe starfruit and frozen bananas, no added sugar nor honey as suggested, as the fruits were sweet enough, and creamy after blended with only the hand held stick blender! 
Starfruit and banana smoothie, inspired by recipes from pages 38-41 of River Cottage, Light and Easy.
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Mexican Style Corn

IHCC is having Mexican cuisine this week, and I am happy to be able to participate after a long absence. I hope to participate at least once a month! 
I have not made anything by Jamie Oliver lately, and after going through the indexes of a couple of his cookbooks, found a simple recipe! 
Very simple ingredients of whole corn on the cob (I cut it into thirds, so I need not drag out the huge pot as I only used one corn). 
Seasonings was salt in the cooking water., butter, deseeded red chili finely chopped, lime wedges and grated rind of lime, grated Parmesan. That's it! 
Mexican style corn from page 227 of Jamie's Ministry of Food. 
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