Thursday, August 28, 2014

FFwD ~ Chanterelles with napa and nuts

No chanterelles to be found from any of my usual suppliers
but found MAITAKE which came in a floret configuration
which is pretty awesome!
So here is my
Maitake with napa and hazelnuts
accompanied by
purple carrot pasta 
(my best camera is lost (courtesy of DH) somewhere in China....)
apologies for the poor picture quality
trying to remember how my first camera works..
some days are better
and on the previous night
I made prawns (instead of scallops)
with caramel orange sauce!
I like!
 I even made the candied orange zest!
the caramel orange sauce needs a wee bit of spicing up
brandy perhaps instead of white wine?
or a dash of tabasco?
and in collaboration with 
gnocchi a'la parisienne

abit pale huh
to be fair, I probably used the wrong cheese
so when using the frozen batch next... make sure
not to use mozzarella!
ps: tried to make cream puff with the gnocchi batter but with dismal results
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Maitake instead of Chanterelles with napa and nuts - pg 346-347
Prawns instead of Scallops with caramel and orange sauce - pg 317-319
Gnocchi a'la prisienne - pg 374-375
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Thursday, August 21, 2014

FFwD ~ Couscous Salad

Finishing up the roasted peppers in a pumpkin
in fish broth soup - seasoned with garam marsala,
with onions and garlic,
garnished with a splash of cream and 
topped with toasted almond slices
this Friday's
Couscous salad topped
with crispy fried fish
with a lemon pepper rub
topped with a spoonful of the pumpkin soup
to DH - woohoo - please save some
of your soup to go with the fish and couscous salad!
my variation was:
saffron threads in place of turmeric,
ground mustard, slices of fresh ginger
and I forgot about the chopped sweet peas
(which I did buy)
above: the last sweet pastry shell
filled with a layer of Dorie's Lemon curd!
with slices of strawberries and kiwi fruit
with maple syrup drizzled over the top!
Delish with extra chopped tomatoes and japanese cucumber
with olive oil and balsamic dressing
with store bought Beef Kurma;
the salad was also good with Chicken Rendang
    and lastly with spicy sardines (that's tomorrow's dinner)
above: I used the roasted peppers in the pasta too
beneath the forest of asparagus!
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roasted peppers and pumpkin soup - my own
Couscous salad - pages 136-137
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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

TCS Bakers ~ Aug 2014 ~ Hungarian Poppy Seed Kugelhopf

This is my choice out of the four recipes
up for the baking
and whenever there is a poppy seed recipe
I will bake it!
and this has orange in it and 
it so reminds me of the first
poppy seed orange cake
I tasted way back when we lived
in Melaka (aka Malacca) in the 1990s
apologies for the quality of the pictures
DH lost my camera which I loan him
for his China trip (and with my biggest memory card too!)
and I even made a simple chocolate glaze,
with great success!
Now I regret making half the recipe!
 this is our 10th recipe from
pages 174-175 of
Carole Walter's
Great Cakes, over 250 recipes to Bake, Share and Enjoy!

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