Friday, August 28, 2015

CCC ~ August 2015 offerings

Much thanks and appreciation to 
for organizing this cook-along-with-Hugh!

I planned to make seven dishes but because
I had been busy with the newest member to my family
(Left: Grand daughter #2 with her sister!)
I only managed these
1.  From the chapter of Raw Assemblies:
Tomatoes with Thai dressing (page 121)  
great as a side to bbq chicken wings!
2. From the chapter of Bready Things:
Leek and cheese toastie (page 202) 
3.  From the chapter of Comfort Food & Feasts:
Aubergine and green bean curry (page 29)
4. From the chapter of Hefty Soups:
Chickpea, chard and porcini soup (page 149)
(using brown button mushrooms and
greens from my container garden)
want the recipes?  go buy a copy of it!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

TCS Bakers ~ Toffee S'mores Cheesecake ~ Aug 2015

Our choices for this month:
1. Blackberry Chocolate Spice Cake - Chocolate and spices mingle with sweet blackberries under a robe of chocolate fudge frosting drizzled with blackberry sauce. P103
2. Toffee S'mores Cheesecake - A campfire classic turned cheesecake. P131
3. Peach Upside-Down Cake - Make the most of plump, juicy peaches with a classic upside-down cake. P147
4. Lemon Coconut Loaf Cake - Garnish this pound cake with flaked coconut, or for a dressier look, curly shavings of fresh coconut. P194

I choose Toffee S'mores Cheesecake at half recipe
in a 4.5 inch diameter round cake pan,
 I used mini marshmallows
used my blow torch instead of broiler
but of course, as always, 
there is left over cheesecake batter
so I ended up with a 5 x 5 inch square cake too
don't you love my new plate and mug!
very rich!
there goes my diet!
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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

CCC (Cottage Cooking Club) ~ July 2015

Enjoying my second month cooking along

with a healthy lifestyle cooking group

Every Day Veg (well... almost everyday!)

In the order of what I ate...

(1) Green beans, new potatoes and olives
from page 222 - cupboard suppers
(2) Summer stir-fry with egg-fried (cauliflower) rice!
from page 286 - pasta and rice
(3) Marinated cucumber with mint - pg 122

and from the same page...
(3a) Avocado (pickled young papaya) and ruby grapefruit
with chili
 from page 122 - raw assemblies
pickled young papaya in place of avocado
(nope, still have not developed any liking for avocado
- but I did buy them and promptly forgot all about them
languishing in the fridge and had to throw them out!)
picture of original recipe from the book with avocado
below - my version with only pickled young papaya
being out of the normal
but delish!
(4) Runner beans with tomatoes and garlic - pg 375
(I used long beans and ladies fingers)
cos I could not find 'runner beans'
(5) on the Left below: Peperonata (page 20)  with
(6) Couscous salad with herbs and walnuts (page 89)
but instead of Summer couscous salad cos I prefer walnuts!
(7) and Runner beans with tarragon and lemon (page 375)
All for me as DH is in hospital for a minor surgery...
(8) Mexican tomato and bean soup (page 138)
with a mixture of black beans and white beans

lost a couple of lbs in July!


want the recipes?  go buy a copy of it!