Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Meals inspired by fellow food bloggers and celebrity chefs!

I do love stuff-on-toast
and this here is an up-market recipe
'croque forestier'

rather pleased with myself on the perfect bechamel sauce
The above potato crisps were my 2nd attempt 
and served naturel ie saltless and herbless.
and that plate below was the 1st attempt
complete with rosemary salt
which I find a bit too salty (I might blame my heavy hand)
salmon spread using sour cream (instead of heavy cream)
squid ink pasta
tossed in sauteed onions, sweet peppers, anchovy,
thyme, basil and peas in olive oil
moisten with spoonfuls of pasta cooking water
(inspired by Gordon Ramsay)


Cheri Savory Spoon said...

Wow Emily, you have been very busy in the kitchen.

Nana said...

Everything looks fantastic and delicious. You have certainly been busy,
great job.

Mary Hirsch said...

Good job on the chips X 2 - meaning the re-do. Your second batch does look crispy. The problem the first time may have been that the oil was not hot enough. And, thank you for making the croques. Look wonderful. I have made the croques several times and am also mildly surprised and very pleased with how the suace turns out. Am interested in Gordon's squid ink pasta. May go for that. Ambitious and delicious post, Emily.

Kathy said...

Everything looks fabulous, Emily! You have really been busy…nicely done!