Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chocolate fudge cake with caramelised banana and ganache

Happy 1st Anniversary!
Here's to many many more!
headed by
JoyceZoeand Lena
A layer cake for the occasion!
300g butter beaten with150g sugar until light n fluffy;
add 6 eggs, one by one;
add 500g choc fudge powder;
add part by part 250g boiling water (scraping bowl after every addition);
drizzle slightly cool melted 100g dark chocolate;
pour into tray and bake in 200C preheated oven for 30mins or less
check with the toothpick step!
Above: toss sliced bananas into brown sugar laced with kuih lapis powder and toast!
When cake has cooled, cut into desired size for 2 layers,
spread choc ganache, layer toasted bananas, top with 2nd layer of choc fudge cake,
pour choc ganache to cover...
Slice up and there we are - layered choc fudge cake with caramelised banana filling! 
ps: I made a small square of 4"x4" of double layers,
leaving the rest of the tray bake plain cos we older folks (ie my DH) prefer our cakes plain (sigh!)
DH ate a bit off that right hand corner......


  1. Lovely cake, Emily! Looks very fudgy and delicious with the caramelized bananas in the filling! I love plain cakes too, but would not mind a treat now and then! Thank you for your participation in Bake-Along's anniversary layer cake! Have a nice day!

  2. Woo, chocolate banana! Plse send one slive for me over here...I'm hungry.

  3. Choc Banana, all time fav!!! Yummy!!

  4. Nice to bake-along with you, Emily. Your bakes are always made with lots of dedications.

    I love the combination of chocolate and banana and this cake looks extremely delicious. This will be gone quickly at our house :D

  5. Choc banana cakes, such a gooo combination. Lovely cake.

  6. I love chocolate and bananas, makes me want to take a bite of your cake right away :)

  7. i dont know what you call a choc fudge and banana combination? addictive? delicious? oh my, wish you can pass a slice to me. btw, what is kuih lapis powder? for making kuih lapis? Thanks for joining us again in our event, appreciate your support always!

  8. OH yum! This is definitely decadent & tempting with all those chocolate fudge & caramelized bananas fillings! Love to have a slice now with a cup of tea! :)

  9. banana and chocolate is one of my fave combi! and your fudge looks SOOO good!

  10. Hi Emily,
    Oh gosh! Your chocolate, fudge caramelized banana with ganache is so tempting.
    Nice to know you thru Bake Along...:)

  11. This cake reminds me of one I made by steaming instead of baking, so moist!