Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Cake Slice Bakers ~ 1st Cake from our new book!

Applesauce Spice Cake: 
This moist cake contains both applesauce and tart freshly grated green apple. Chopped toasted pecans add texture and flavor. The combination is unbeatable, especially accompanied by a mug of mulled apple cider. Page 194

done in two versions
below: mini bundt pans
with sugar glaze (as usual my glaze is not up to par)
Introducing our new cake book 
for Nov 2013 to Oct 2014
Carole Walter's
Great Cakes, over 250 recipes to Bake, Share and Enjoy!
below: in individual brownie bowls

Note:  you might want to hold back on the spices
a bit overpowering.....
and I made my own APPLE SAUCE!!
served with ice cream, stewed apple and strawberry and fresh kiwi slices
Note:  in addition to overpowering spice, thus need to reduce the amount,
baking time is much shorter than the suggested 55mins if 
you are baking the cake in a large bundt pan.
my mini cakes took only 25mins and that was already too long,
could be better at 20mins!
and do remember to level off the top of the cake batter before baking!

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  1. Mmm. Mulled apple cider would be the perfect accompaniment to this yummy cake. Love the idea of the minis, too, Emily =)

  2. Fruit would be a good pairing with the mini bundts, good idea Emily. Laura@baking in pyjamas

  3. Great job Emily! That looks beautiful! Mini bundts are so inviting! You did great! YUM!

  4. I wish I had made minis. My pan was a bit too large for the amount of batter that I had. Using fruit as a garnish was a good idea.

  5. Your mini bundts look wonderful & I bet the ones with the ice cream were so yummy!!


  6. These look adorable! I love that you made them mini.

  7. What cute little bundts!

  8. I agree Emily the baking time was way less....I m glad I checked my cake when I did! Lovely presentation!

  9. Wow Emily! GREAT job on the double presentation! I love both...but I love those brownie pans....filled with fruit.....awesome! And you were far more ambitious than I...making your own applesauce! Beautiful job on our first cake! : )

  10. Hey Emily, using the individual brownie bowls is a really great idea.. especially since I think this cake would be yummy with ice cream haha :)

  11. Your mini cakes look great and I love the addition of the fresh fruit!

  12. They look great, I'm sure that cider was perfect with it.

  13. Oh Emily, I can always count on you to create a great mini treat!

  14. Lovely presentation! I love the drizzle of the sugar glaze. :)

  15. Love the idea of little mini bundts and the fruit decoration. It was a great start to our new book.

  16. You cakes look so yummy with the fruit. I love using mini bundt pans

  17. Super job Emily! I love the little mini bundt versions.. and I think ice cream would e a great accompaniment to them. I have to say though... I thought it needed more spice! It crazy that you think less... that's what I love this group! happy baking! x

  18. Emily, I love your mini bundt version. They look good with all the fruits and your homemade applesauce. Nice!!