Thursday, November 7, 2013

FFwD ~ Compote de Pommes ~ Two Ways

Apple sauce - two ways
but mine is only one ~ chunky applesauce!
opted not to turn it into apple butter

cos I am baking apple turnovers
with a pack of store bought puff pastry
really ugly handwork!
but it was good
also need to use my pack of store bought
sweet shortcrust pastry which (below) looks good
(L) was 2nd attempt which looks way better the (R)
but nvm how good they look
OMG they shrunk!
after pressing down the pastry with back of fork and up the sides (twice)
during the blind baking time (25mins) they sorta look presentable
using my 6" removable base pie pans
Top: applesauce topped with pastry cutouts
Bottom: stewed apple slices (in molasses brown sugar 
and splash of water) on top of a bed of applesauce
topped off with pastry cutouts.
with the balance of the applesauce
I baked > THIS <
 using this individual brownie bowl pan
check out the rest of group's results at:
recipe from
around my french table by Dorie Greenspan

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  1. Yum - love those golden apple turnovers.

  2. Those turnovers look delicious. Yum!

  3. Yum! All your apple treats look delightful!!!

  4. Wow- I had wanted to try the turnovers and seeing yours REALLY makes me want to ! Great job on the applesauce as well as all that baking~

  5. Wonderful looking desserts, love those turnovers.

  6. That looks great! I love the turnover idea! I still have just enough left I think to try that :)

  7. Your desserts look delicious!

  8. What fantastic turnovers!

  9. Your apple turnovers look delicious:) Great job.

  10. Beautiful apple turnovers…yum!

  11. I did something similar with a tart, but I'm admiring those turnovers. Wish I'd done those... Good thing I have some apple sauce left over! Nice job, Emily!

  12. If it wasn't my birthday week with so much cake eating I would have made the turnovers… yours look so good I may need to make them.

  13. Look how puffy your puffs got. They look really good.

  14. I love eating apple tarts, and both your turnovers and tarts looks mighty good! Love your chunky applesauce!

  15. I'm the queen of 'ugly' pastries! :-)
    Good thing I forget all about the looks once I put it on my mouth. Great job, Emily!

  16. Emily, all of your wonderful apple dishes look utterly delightful - it is fabulous to see that you felt so very inspired by Dorie´s apple compote!
    Your family must have been so very happy to be able to share in all those delcious autumnal treats!
    Have a great Sunday!

  17. Its an apple bonanza! Everything sounds and looks delicious!

  18. Wow - you made great, creative use of your apple sauce!

  19. Wow! You put this applesauce to great use. I love the look of the tarts, even if the crust shrunk (I hate when that happens!).