Sunday, January 8, 2017

Cookbook Countdown #13: CPC ~ Nyonya Cheng Tng

According to the book, Nyonya cheng tng does not exist
in Peranakan culinary vocabulary, (Joyce - is this true?)
This sweet soup has Chinese roots and traditionally consisted of
a rich combination of ingredients - this is a family's loose
adaptation of the popular Chinse dessert.
I used gingko nuts, lily bulbs and dried longans
with rock sugar, pandan leaves and water
Adapted from Nyonya Cheng Tn ~ Pages 106-107 of
Classic Peranakan Cooking
compiled from MediaCorp TV12's
popular cooking show:
and some of the recipes can be found >HERE<
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Kayte said...

Oh, my goodness, I didn't know what any of these ingredients were so it was such fun googling them and trying to figure it out! I would love to taste this and just see what it all tasted is such fun visiting here and learning new things, thank you!

TeaLady said...

All those lovely exotic fruits. I recognize some but only because I have been following your posts. Would love to be able to make this.

kitchen flavours said...

Yup, there's no word of cheng tng in Peranakan culinary cuisine. This sweet dessert definitely has its Chinese roots with the gingko nuts. Looks refreshing and good anytime of the day!