Thursday, June 19, 2014

FFwD ~ Skate with Capers, Cornichons, and Brown Butter Sauce

Personally, I cannot remember when did I last
cook Skate (never) or Ray (eaten many times)
cooked - eons ago
So this week's recipe is quite a challenge
but made easier when I readily found Ray at 
my usual fish monger
totally missed the part about coating the ray in flour
before frying.... my bad!
(and the fish needed more than 3 mins per side)
served with mashed carrots, parsnip and potatoes
with butter, salt and pepper - super yums!
and blanched Ngai Pak Choy 
seasoned with light soy sauce
The fish is covered with a butter sauce with sherry vinegar, 
capers and sliced cornichons
I kinda like this butter sauce!
The lady manning the fish stall gave strict
instructions that my DH is not to eat
the skate/ray
[  he is delicate that way! ;) ]
so his dinner was pan fried salmon with butter sauce
sans capers and cornichons!
do check out the rest of group's results for this week's recipe at:
Skate with Capers, Cornichons, and Brown Butter Sauce (p291)

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  1. My "delicate" husband would have preferred salmon, too! Well done with the ray :)

    1. Lets raise a glass or two for 'delicate' husbands!

  2. You found some ray! It will be interesting to see if anyone finds the skate. I've never actually eaten it, but now I'm sad that I didn't try it on any of the few menus where I've seen it. I used tilapia, and really thought this was a delicious easy recipe. All of your sides look delicious - and so does that salmon!

  3. How cool that you found ray at the market - I would love to try it!

  4. Looks like a great meal. I didn't get to make it but made the salmon rillettes instead.

  5. I think you are the only one who prepared skate/ray besides me. I filleted mine though. My husband and I both enjoyed this dish! Have a great weekend!

  6. Just the fact that you're acquainted with Skate (have you ever eaten it?) and have eaten ray many times puts you way ahead of this little midwestern American girl. My mother always made carrots and parsnips for the holidays, however.. Adding potatoes and choy to that mixture sounds delicious and nutritious. I thought this sauce was fabulous. I think we all did. Hooray for you and Kathy for following the recipe. Gold stars to the two of you this week. Your husband seems like a nice guy so "delicate" works fine!

  7. Congrats on finding the skate - only you and Kathy were able to find it, I think. I loved the sauce on this one.

  8. So funny that the lady at the fish stall said your DH shouldn't eat the ray. I'm impressed that you found it. Your entire meals always look delicious, and so well balanced. Lovely!

  9. Wow, I am impressed that you found it even if DH couldn't enjoy it with you :-)