Friday, June 13, 2014

FFwD ~ Crab and Avocado Ravioli

A mandolin is a scary contraption
which I think the one I got
especially for this week's dish
will be in cold storage
after this week
but I 
managed to sliced the avocado
without slicing any flesh or digits from 
my fingers or hand
a third of the way through
the avocado, I switched side
and after a couple of slices
managed to poke the pit out
and continued slicing
mango flowers for additional color
too much work and risk
for one serving
(ps: I frozed the balance of the avocado)
but of course there was a make up dish
do check out the rest of group's results for this week's recipe at:
crab and avocado Ravioli - page 185
and a make up dish
crab and grapefruit salad - page 134
which the Doristas made way
back on 30.3.2012

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  1. Wow! Very well done! Your ravioli look beautiful. And what a great idea to do the make-up of the salad. I never got to it, though I had wanted to.

    I did manage to eek out a few ravioli, then just mixed up the remainder and made tostadas!

  2. Great idea to knock out two crab recipes at once! Well done on the avocado cutting!

  3. Your crab avocado ravioli look perfect…great idea to get both crab recipes done at the same time! Mandolins scare me…with good reason!

  4. Wow - you totally rocked this one! We loved both salads, too!

  5. Great way to double up on your crab recipes :-)
    Your ravioli look great!

  6. So impressed that you managed this with the mandolin! And the crab and grapefruit salad is a good one, too.

  7. Love your mango flowers - so pretty. The crab salad is a goodie - beats the ravioli in my books.

  8. Emily, nice touch with the pretty yellow mango flowers - mango and avocado pair so well too. How nice that you also mangaged the Crab-Grapefruit Salad, that was a fine recipe as well. And certainly kudos for slicing this lovely green fruit with a mandolin!
    have a great Sunday!

  9. I'd like to know what kind of mandolin you had... well done. I guess it is possible to make this dish.

  10. Your slices came out beautifully, but I agree, there was too much work and risk involved. I hope you enjoyed the two takes on crab salad!