Friday, April 3, 2015

FFwD ~ Waffles and cream (ice cream that is!) and more

Burnt fingers and lots of scraping
here are my waffles?
there is ice cream and chocolate
(all in one mini Magnum!)
there are fruit, veg and nuts
a wholesome diet!
Above waffle recipe requires no overnight stay in the fridge
no waiting two hours
in fact rather easy
there is the batter part and the meringue part
just fold the two together
and you are good to go!
the dreamiest, velvety cauliflower soup
now why did I wait so long to make it!
garnish was a drizzle of olive oil,
single toasted walnut and dill tip
next time - a whole layer of walnuts bits lining the bowl!
first ever anything with rhubarb
okay I guess..
 oh my gorgeous colors!
the beets great, the eggs fab!
going to make some for my mother soon.
left: a quick grab-and-run ~ toasted olive bun with herbed butter and beets!
          waffles and cream - pgs 416-417
creamy cauliflower soup sans cream - pg 68-69
roasted rhubarb - pg 397
lime and honey beet salad - pg 121

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  1. NIce post Emily! You certainly were busy this week! We loved these waffles…so good! I don’t remember the pickled eggs for FF.

  2. Good job on the waffles and the other catchups. I don't remember the pickled eggs either, but they do look good.

  3. You are something else. Great job, Emily. I'm with Kathy and Betsy. I don't remember the pickled eggs but maybe it was a Bonne Idea. I love beets and the hard-boiled eggs looked delicious. Recipe?

  4. Emily, what an array of lovely, delicious dishes you made - respect my dear, respect - the waffles look like a dream dessert come true! And all the rest looks just wonderful, like great family-fare food!
    Hope you had a nice weekend,

  5. Wow were you busy - great job !!! I love it all but that top plate of "breakfast bonanza" has my mouth watering- YUM. Impressive catch up work, you are putting me to shame :)

  6. I love the magnum on it! those are my favorite too! :) you are a busy, busy bee!

  7. You continue to knock out these recipes! I am still impressed.