Monday, November 30, 2015

The Cottage Cooking Club (CCC) ~ November's offerings

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for organizing this cook-along-with-Hugh!
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These were enjoyed at my home during November 2015!
Above: From the chapter of Hefty Soups:
Parsnip and ginger soup (page 157)

Below: From the chapter of Raw Assemblies:
Celery, orange and pecans (page 116)

From the chapter of Roast, Grill & Barbecue:
Roast new potatoes with two mojo sauces (page 358)
was going through my stuff and found some swatches of JT silk!
looks FAB on the antique tray (gifted me two years ago by EllyK)
Above: my dinner on a TGIF night before....
Below: Hubby's dinner on the night after TGIF!
From the chapter of Bready Things:
 Hot squash foldover (page 189)
Was gonna make Hugh's magic bread dough but laziness got the best of me
so Lebanese flat bread was used
No complaints.... plate was cleaned, no crumbs
From the chapter of Comfort Food & Feasts:
Chili, cheese and rosemary polenta with tomato sauce (page 58)
the cooking-the-polenta part was easy...
until it came to the pan frying bit
but after the first batch, you get the idea!
From the chapter of Sweet Asides:
Tea loaf with zucchinis (and beetroot sounds nice too) (page 394)
no oil, no butter in the recipe
so when the recipe asked for lined pan
do so!
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  1. Everything looks wonderful Emily, especially the presentation of the potatoes on that lovely silk and gorgeous tray. I had trouble with the polenta sticking to the pan...I think it was all of that cheese melting onto it. I'm looking forward to December's choices.

  2. Hi Emily, looks like you really went all out, beautiful presentation and pics. Can't wait for next month.......

  3. Great meals at your house this month, Emily! I'm intrigued by the polenta fries. The potatoes were my favorite this month.

  4. Emily, what wonderful things you cooked for the CCC this month - I still have to make the polenta - it does look very tempting. It makes me happy to see and read that you enjoy our online cooking group so much - thank you for joining us in this wonderful adventure!

  5. Looks like a delicious month, Emily! I love the way you cooked the potatoes for the mojo sauces, especially.