Saturday, July 20, 2013

TCS: Boston Cream Pie-lets or Deconstructed Boston Cream Pie

Its the 20th of the month and we at 
are nearing the end of our journey with Julie Richardson's
Vintage Cakes
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baked our July's Cake

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Julie's version of Boston Cream Pie ie -let!

Above: Whipping up 1.5cups cold heavy cream and a reduced amount of the required sugar
Above: after adding in 3 eggs before adding 2 cups sifted cake flour
with 2 tspn baking powder and 1 tspn sea salt
yup - no butter at all
and a couple of us experienced the cake shrinking during baking
hence I did not greased my pan (only bottom lining the square pan)
nor mini moulds
Above: of course the mini cakes came out of the oven 8 mins before the big pan!
below:  no shrinking at the sides!
below: no problems with mini cakes too
below: fill the glasses half with vanilla pudding
sliced off the domes of the mini cakes - turn them upsidedown
(for flat tops)
below: cover with 2 tablespoons of warm chocolate ganache
below: here is larger serving in a glass pot for 2 or 3
Plain or fully assembled? 
Great both ways!
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  1. Great job Emily! I love how your mini cakes turned out, love them! and I thought the same thing... this cake is great in and by itself! I couldn't stop eating it plain! LOL!... By the way I did grease my pan (I am stubborn like that, LOL) and thankfully it didn't shrink when cooling! (whew)

  2. Yes Emily, nicely done! I 100% agree this recipe is great assembled or cake eaten plain. Loved everything about it :)

  3. Holy moly! Your cakes are drowning in pudding and I love it! Looks awesome! :)

  4. Beautiful Emily! Your cakes turned out wonderfully. All I need now is a big spoon! Great job! : )

  5. They look great Emily!

  6. Just mouthwatering...looks delicious!

  7. Boston pielets? Sounds cool! And looks delicious!
    Nearing the end of the bake from this book? How time flies! Which book next? :)

  8. Oh yum Emily... a girl after my own heart! Lots of pudding :) Hazel x

  9. I love how you showed how many ways this recipe can be made, it really is quite versatile - and yummy too!

  10. Love the little cakes!! Great job with all the usage!

  11. Love the little glass cups that you presented in!