Friday, September 27, 2013

French Fridays with Dorie: Rice Pudding and Caramel Apples

Woohoo - this is where I wish to
hang out on Fridays!
Finally my copy of this
arrived at my address!

This Friday's recipe is
Rice Pudding and Caramel Apples
I have wanted to try rice pudding but never got around to it
until today!
using the 1.5L unit of my Endo Thermal pots
easy peachy - after the first 15mins of stirring
pop the insert into the insulating pot,
set timer for 25mins ~ remove insert from insulating pot
a quick stir for a couple of mins on the fire
all ready!

lovely colors!
note: I did reduce amounts of sugar in both
the rice pudding and the caramel
Now, why did I ever waited this long to make it!?
The above serving is warm
looking forward to a cold version


  1. This was a delicious dessert. My family and I really enjoyed it. Have a great weekend:)

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  3. Hi Emily,
    Wow, now you are one of the member at FFWD? Cool!
    Rice pudding is always something that I want to try too! Drooling over yours! Looks delish!

  4. Welcome to FFWD, Emily! Nice job on this dessert.

  5. Welcome. This is a great place to hang out each Friday :-)

  6. Welcome to FFWD. We have lots of fun with the recipes, and have
    gotten to know so many people through all the commenting. Your
    pudding looks fantastic and a great start.

  7. That pot sounds interesting. And quite a time saver. This was good wasn't it.

  8. HI EMILY!! :)

    What a great recipe to start with! You are really going to love this group! Do you have a bunch of recipes from the "already made" list that you are looking at making? I have a bunch tabbed and marked myself and lots that have been cooked A LOT. :)

    Your pudding (and book) look great!

  9. Welcome aboard!
    This is absolutely a great place to hang on Fridays :-)

  10. Welcome to FFWD !! This is a very fun place to hang out :) And you started out beautifully with that amazing color to your apples. Mine turned out a bit un-caramelized in color so I will have to circle back to figure out what I did ...but they did taste yummy !!!

  11. Welcome to FFWD. Great photo. I love the layers! I've never seen an insulating pot but it sounds like a great time saver. I'm going to check those out.

  12. Hi Emily! Welcome to FFwD:) So glad your book has arrived and you can join us. This was also my first rice pudding! Easy and delicious wasn't it?

  13. I've only made this dessert recently, so I totally missed your introduction to the group. So glad you decided to join us. You've made so many of the recipes in just one year!