Sunday, September 20, 2015

TCS ~ September 2015

This will be our second last cake

from our current book

A simple version of Black Forest Cake
I used less than half of total for
castor sugar and
soft brown sugar,
and instead of whipped cream frosting
I choose to do a de-constructed version of the cake

so you have a choice of eating the cake plain
or with ice cream, chocolate shavings, and cherry sauce!

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  1. I like the way you approached this recipe and boy does this cake look moist! Eating the cake plain would probably be the best option, for me, but I know I'd want all of the add-ons.

  2. Clever deconstruction Emily. I like the plate with all the components, especially that delicious looking cherry sauce.

  3. That looks so dark and delicious. I like the idea of doing it deconstructed too, that makes presentation fun!

  4. The ice cream I bet made up for the whip cream! lovely!

  5. This looks so delicious and I love a good dense pound cake!! Well done Emily xxx