Monday, May 19, 2014

TCS Bakers: May 2014 ~ Manhattan Cheesecake

From the month of May till October 2014
we have decided that TCS Bakers members get to choose any
one of the four recipes shortlisted each month to bake!
Hence we are all waiting to see what each of us had baked!
My choice: Manhatten Cheesecake
with raspberry glaze

I made half the recipe with the following adaptations*
for the crust
10 whole pieces of Honey Graham crackers*
2/3 stick of butter, melted
(no sugar cos its honey graham crackers I used instead of plain)

for the batter
with 250gm cream cheese
Greek yogurt* (instead of heavy cream)
3 egg yolks*
1/3 cup fine sugar
rind of one orange and one lemon
vanilla extract

3 egg whites*
1/3 cup fine sugar

Happy to report that I whisked the egg whites by hand!
but did use the processor for the egg yolk portion

the above ingredients gave me eight cupcakes

(I opted to top the cupcakes with a raspberry glaze instead of fresh berries)

left me with a lot of filling so I made another batch of crust
and got me this 6" size cake
(introducing my latest finds - a small pink glass cake stand
and a vintage wood tray!)

 this is our 7th recipe from
page 352
Carole Walter's
Great Cakes, over 250 recipes to Bake, Share and Enjoy!

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  1. Emily those mini cheesecakes look too cute! I love that cake plate! Pink is my favorite color!

  2. Nice choice with the raspberry topping, Emily. Your cheesecake looks scrumptious! (I loved this recipe. Did you?)

  3. ah great minds think alike!! I was sure this recipe would make great cupcakes and lookey here! You did too. It was so good Emily wasn't it? Hazel x

  4. Love the mini cheesecakes! Everything looks amazing! Great job Emily!!! especially whipping those egg whites by hand... WOW! Impressive!

  5. I hope you enjoyed them Emily. I like the idea of the jam topping, I love jam.

  6. You got a great arm workout didn't you! I'm the only cheesecake lover in the house and I knew if I made this I would eat most of it. You did a beautiful job!

  7. I love that you made your cheesecake into "mini" cheesecakes!! Maybe that's where I went wrong with my cheesecake....hmmmmm :-)
    I LOVE the pink cake stand of yours. AND I love that you have read (or are reading) My Life from Scratch - a fabulous book.

  8. Why is it anything mini just looks so cute? Nice one, Emily!!

  9. Emily I loved that you used a raspberry glaze on the cheesecake. This would have been the perfect foil for the sweetness of the cheesecake. You have inspired me to make it again and make mini cheesecakes.

  10. Those little cheesecakes looks so yummy! And the pink cake stand is a great find. I love cake stands :)