Friday, May 16, 2014

FFwD ~ (French) Food Revolution Day ~ Soups and more!

The Doristas made this soup way back in Feb of 2012
but this soup has been on my mind as a catch-up recipe for the longest time
and I take this opportunity to make it for this week's special event
Well we are to encourage young children to cook
and I am sure this dish will be suitable for young adults
leaving for study abroad or away from home
and such a great recipe (without the spirits) to impress their peers
this recipe truly teaches one about being patient
and certain techniques of cooking in one recipe!
and what I thought was an original French recipe....
turns out that this did not originate from France
but the French added the cheese and bread topping
to make it their own!
this was good!

it took me 1 hour and 10 mins to get from here
to here!
dinner for one with leftover for lunch for hubby

and with the chicken broth left over from the onion soup
we can proceed on to make a 'spur-of-the-moment' simple soup
here I used purple sweet potatoes and carrots!

and this simple stuff on toasts
will be a breeze for them young ones
no cooking required
just some supervision with the toaster oven!
Jme's Fig Jam is most appropriate
for the kids than the original orange marmalade


do check out the rest of group's results at:
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spur-of-the-moment soup - pages 74 to 75

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  1. Great idea to make the onion soup! Absolutely a classic. Your other recipes look great too - purple sweet potatoes! And of course, you can never go wrong with figs! All of your dishes look yummy.

  2. So many did chicken (myself included) but I think you are right that soup is so perfect for kids to start in and make. And this is a classic with so few ingredients but transformed into treasure with just the right care and patience. Lessons kids should learn too now that I think about it. Soup as metaphor! (I hope I can remember that for next year's food revolution day.)

  3. Soup is a great way to get kids learning knife skills - and to eat their veggies :) Nice one!

  4. Soup was a great choice for Food Revolution Day…everyone should have a few good soup recipes up their sleeves. Well done!

  5. A great soup since onions are the base for so many dishes. You've inspired me to teach my kids a soup recipe.

  6. Your soup was a good choice. After I made mine, I thought that any of Dorie's stuff on toast would be perfect too.

  7. Dear Emily, very lovely and delicious choices for Food Revolution Day 2014! Well done! Kids love soup, at least in our house and they really enjoy this recipe as well!
    Have a great Sunday!

  8. French Onion Soup is such a good choice - a classic and so basic. If you learn the techniques to make FOS, other soups will soon follow. I forgot all about the Nutella Tartine - that is a fabulous choice for kids. Admittedly, Nutella is not a go-o - ingredient for American kids but Ferrero (the company that makes it) is making a huge Nutella-push in the US and it's becoming so popular. I did the brioche-nutella-marmelade combo and absolutely loved it. I even made a "Nuts About Nutella" pinterest board. So, Emily, great recipe choices for FRD2014. Thanks for participating.

  9. Love the onion soup choice! One of my favorite meals is soup, so everyone should know how to make a variety of bowls. Delicious!

  10. Soup is a perfect entry into cooking for kids! Also, what kid could resist a nutella tartine?

  11. I never knew that "French" onion soup didn't originate in France. How interesting! All of your choices are great ones. Soup is such a great thing to know how to make, and what kid wouldn't love a nutella tartine?

  12. My kids love French onion soup...and Dorie's was wonderful!!!