Thursday, November 21, 2013

FFwD ~ Salty-Sweet Potato Far

I really don't know about this particular recipe
alot of work ....
folding in the shredded potato (squeezed dry of juices)
into batter of flour, egg, milk, salt and pepper
mixed well
mix in raisin and prunes (both dried)
made half the recipe
opted for small servings
served with Chicken Breast Diable
(yes its one of our favorite dish from AMFT)
and steamed asparagus and cherry tomatoes 
will have to wait for DH's reaction to this dish tomorrow
what's with the 'far' in this Salty-Sweet Potato Far

I just ate half a cold piece... it was okay, flavors intensified overnight!

check out the rest of group's results at:
recipe from
around my french table by Dorie Greenspan
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  1. Your chicken and asparagus looks amazing! I am with you on this one - and I reckon it's better next day cold too.

  2. We didn't care for it either. I haven't tried it cold. Maybe I should.

  3. Eating it with chicken diable must have helped to get it down.

  4. Chicken diable is one of my favorites too. The potato far, not so much. Mine was totally different hot out of the oven and then the next day when the batter thickened and it got kind of heavy.

  5. I like your plate. the chicken looks really nice. I tried it cold too and didn't like it very much. it felt a little bland.

  6. Not a huge fan here either. Would have been tasty with that chicken maybe?

  7. I think this one left many of us feeling a little befuddled. I like your mini versions!

  8. You were a good sport trying this one. I may have to give it a shot one day!

  9. Love the mini versions. My son explained that he thought my cauliflower version - the one I wolfed down vs the spoonful of the potato one I taste tested - was more like a souffle. I think that helped the cause.