Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Celebrated with lots of cake, none home baked.... except 1!

Above: birthday cake for DD#2 and Mother's Day 
Above: Birthday cake (Tiramisu #1) presented by friends from work
 Top n Bottom: Surprise Birthday Cupcakes from DD#1 & DD#2

Above: Left: Tiramisu (#2) for Month of May birthday girls!
and Right: Snickers Cheesecake baked by DD#1 for her daughter's 1st Bday!
Above: gift for me from GD#1!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday to all the birthday gals! And especially to your precious little granddaughter, for celebrating her 1st Birthday! May she be blessed with good health, happiness and all good things in life!
    The Birthday cakes are all looking good! The one made by your DD is looking awesome, compliments to the baker!
    Hope you have a lovely delicious weekend!

  2. a BIG THANK YOU to you Joyce!!

  3. hi emily! looks like your daughter has inherited good baking from you!