Thursday, June 6, 2013

TCS May: The Pink Cake

From Julie Richardson's Vintage Cakes
The Pink Cake (on cover)
Currently Baking From:
The cake itself was quick and easy
Below: after the original buttercream frosting did not behave,
made a boiled-milk frosting.....

which turned out worse than the buttercream frosting of mine  ;(
Above: curdled texture
 BELOW: my dream of a pink cake in cupcake form 
but the raspberry flavored buttercream tasted great 
but too liquidty to spread or pipe
but it was a beautiful pink color (all natural)
but the chocolate cake was yummy
anyways, check out my fellow TCS baker H E R E!! for the recipe!
also visit us AT FACEBOOK HERE!

below: it worked well for a parfait for my DH!
made up of:
a dollop of frozen raspberry buttercream
cut up chocolate cake
more raspberry buttercream
a few blueberries
more cake
more buttercream and blueberries
topped with diluted and strained raspberry jam!!


  1. Your chocolate cake looks good! And a good idea to make them into parfait, I would love it too!

  2. You are so creative I love how you fixed up that parfait for your dh! Like you've mentioned before "it's ok if you can eat it with a spoon" your cupcake still looked cute... Love the pink of your frosting! YUM! :) YAY! I am so happy you linked up!

  3. Sorry that your frosting didn't work out as well as you had hoped. The cake looks good and the parfait is a great idea.

  4. at least it tasted good! so no waste :D

  5. Awesome Emily! You are innovative. Honestly, I would not have thought of parfait. Glad you love this cake alot despite its glitches :)

  6. The icing for me didn't work out it either, it was a complete disaster. Great job though with the finished cupcakes, I bet they tasted lovely.