Saturday, March 17, 2018

CC#27: Griddled courgette salad with chilli dressing

One large courgette, washed and thinly sliced lengthways with my vegetables peeler.  Place the slices in large bowl, drizzle olive oil to thinly coat them. Griddle cook them on hot griddle pan, two minutes each side.
I used pine nuts instead of pistachios as I need to finish up my small bag of mine (and I was too lazy to shell the pistachios I have for the small amount needed).
         Recipe from pg 30 of
Gino's Italian escape,  a taste of the sun.
I am sharing this recipe at Cookbook Countdown #27
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kitchen flavours said...

I love zucchinis, this dish looks really nice!

Zosia said...

That does look like a nice zucchini dish.