Thursday, December 14, 2017

CC#24: Jalapeno margaritas!

Found imported Jalapeno peppers and infused 1.5 cups tequila overnight with one finger sized pepper, washed, skin pierced and pepper halved leaving the seeds intact.
To serve: put lemon juice, lime juice, honey, Cointreau (instead of triple-sec) into clean jug; add strained infused tequila, stir well to combine, pour over ice in serving glass, garnished with lime slices (which I forgot!) used lemon instead! Whoa, spicy but nice!
Great with spicy Otak-Otak (all the way from Muar!)

Jalapeno margaritas recipie from Ina Garten's make it ahead!
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kitchen flavours said...

Spicy margaritas! Wow, that sounds really really good! Like! :)