Thursday, May 4, 2017

CtBF ~ MPK: Frisee salad with bacon, egg and garlic toasts

I am positive that I had never seen Frisee leaves nor escarole leaves in the last six months or so where I like to shop, hence made do with the green leaf lettuce I have on hand. Well, I could have gone and get me some arugula, but was too lazy and for the fact that they always end up wasted in the fridge; hence the title of this post should read green salad with bacon, egg (poached) and garlic toasts (and it has potatoes too!).  Still good, and this plate was all mine!

While just this week, I made a perfect poached egg (on the first attempt, hence no need to go a second try!), apparently it will not happen twice in any given week (for me!);  I tried, twice, for this salad.  Not perfect, but still poached.
Bacon, garlic potatoes, garlic toast with mustard dressing that has a tablespoon of water in it (first time ever, for me).  Next time, instead of popping that piece of golden, aromatic fried garlic into your mouth (note to self) ... chop it up and add it to the dressing!
are cooking from My Paris Kitchen,
David Lebovitz's latest book.
Frisee salad with bacon, potato, egg and garlic toast
recipe from pages 99to101 of
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for putting everything into order and making it happen!
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shirley @ everopensauce said...

It's those tricks that you picked up here and there in every recipe that makes it fun to cook together as a group. I haven't seen frisée for a while. Your green leaf lettuce is just as good as any.

Mary Hirsch said...

Oh goodness, my Emily-LOL for this week is the visual of your popping that whole (smushed) golden, aromatic fried garlic into your mouth. Em, what were you thinking? I didn't even add it to the salad per David's suggestion. Next time I will use less raw garlic and add it because minced, it would be delicious. Have you ever put a spoonful of that spicy green paste used as a condiment for sushi into your mouth by mistake? That's also something you do just once. It's not wasabi, really, it's just a horseradish paste with a coloring of some type applied. Honestly, I could have just nibbled on the croutons and been happy. Your poached egg looks fine. Check out Hugh W-F's method in his first cookbook we used in CCC. It's no-fail and I always use it now. (No charge for this advice.) If your green leafy lettuce was iceberg, don't tell the French.

Betsy said...

I too was smiling thinking of you popping that clove of garlic in your mouth! I added it to the dressing. Delicious! Mary, if you see this, our friend thought that dollop of wasabi paste was guacamole so popped the whole thing into his mouth on a first date. That one lives down in history. LOL!

Mardi (eat. live. travel. write.) said...

I can tell you that the fried garlic in the salad dressing is amazing!

Karen Luvswesavory said...

My girl ever tried making poached egg but not successful. Ya for me I would chop up the garlic too. This plate of salad with bacon, egg and garlic toasts made me drool.