Sunday, May 14, 2017

IHCC and CC#17: Tomato toasts

On toasted (and garlic rubbed) sourdough bread,
Hugh uses fresh tomatoes in his version, but I prefer
my tomatoes roasted!
 two ways: roasted tomatoes halves left whole,
or rubbed onto bread
I had another slice of the same but smothered
with cream cheese under the tomatoes!
Tomato toasts, recipe from pages 54-55 of
Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall's River Cottage Every Day
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Ulrike said...

Roasting tomatoes enhances the taste, I agree. And a slice of bread with roasted tomatoes is just delicious

Kim said...

Hard to say which way is the better version? I like this with the cheese and without! I'll take one of each:) Thanks for joining up with us at IHCC this week!

Lydia Filgueras said...

Standing over the sink while biting into a juicy vine ripened tomato sandwich is one of the best experiences. Your idea of roasting the tomatoes has opened up the possibilities for the entire year. Thanks!

Flourishen said...

I remember having tomatoes on toast a lot in Spain. Brought back good memory.

kitchen flavours said...

I like meals like this! Looks yummy! Glad to see you at IHCC! Welcome aboard! :)