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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Cookbook Countdown #1 ~ MY's Mandarin Green Onion Pancakes

Welcome to Cookbook Countdown! 
I'm co-hosting Cookbook Countdown together with Joyce of Kitchen Flavours. If you are like us, who love to collect cookbooks and have an overcrowding bookshelf (or bookshelves!), yet most of the books have not been used at all, now is the time to change that. Join us at Cookbook Countdown
These are the only cookbooks by Martin Yan
that I collected over the years but not cooked a single
recipe from any of them!
I am cooking from MY's Chinatown Cooking for January 2016!
Mandarin Green Onion Pancakes ~ page 39
I have been wanting to make this type of savory pancakes
like forever... finally done it!
The filling:
In addition to cilantro and green onions for the filling,
we can add caramelized yellow and red onions to the cake.
a bit of salt.
a mixture of vegetable oil and sesame oil
for spreading on the rolled dough
The dough:
I made the full recipe for this which takes
1.5 cups APF, more for kneading
cornstarch for dusing
1/2 cup boiling water, 2.5 tablespoons cold water
and for frying:
vegetable oil
I must say, pretty pleased with the results!
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kitchen flavours said...

Hi Emily,
I've been wanting to make a similar pancake! This would make a delicious snack indeed!

Emily said...

Looks like I beat you to it! We had a simple salad for dinner earlier, so this made a great snack for supper!