Saturday, October 17, 2015

Long weekend in Melaka ~ Oct 2015

Left to my own device,
I caught a bus from Klebang Besar
down to Melaka Town.
The facade of this little cafe caught my eye and
I promptly got down from the bus way before my 
intended destination
Riverine Cafe
their menu were mainly
Ngonya dishes
but they serve a very smooth Vietnamese ice coffee too
below: mee siam
pongteh - sweetened with sugar cane!
below: this is rather new
at least, first time I seen rental bicycles
since Riverine cafe was sold out of sago melaka
I enjoyed Cendol at Kappan somethingsomething
serving Hakka yongtaufoo too
I finished reading Marlena De Blasi's
A Thousand Days In Venice
during my three day stay in Melaka
Now I am hunting down
A Thousand Days in Tuscany by the same author!


Charlene Flash said...

Looks like you had a fab time x

Emily said...

And I did walk off that lunch!