Thursday, October 2, 2014

FFwD ~ Celery-Celery (parsnip) Soup

Original recipe calls for celery and celery root
which is impossible to find in my neck of the woods
so I made do with parsnip!
which probably made this soup different from the original taste
but nevertheless it was good, cold from the fridge
and for breakfast!
Dorie suggested curried apples and curried croutons
but I only sprinkled black pepper and garnished with celery leaves!
The Doristas made this Shrimp-filled Zucchini Tempura style
way back in July and Zucchini blossoms were totally not available
hence after failing to get my zucchini seeds to sprout...
pumpkin blossoms will do lah!
 Delicious mid night snack for DH and I !!
Inspired by my fellow Dorista H.E.R.E 
made Hachis Parmentier... finally!
(shown here with a serving straight from the fridge - for picture taking purpose)
it was DELISH for my packed lunch to work
the vanilla (dressing) vegetable salad was a perfect pairing!
 Do check out the rest of group's results for this week's recipe at:
(click picture below)
celery-celery soup - pg 65
vanilla vegetable salad - pg 114
hachis parmentier - pgs 258-259
shrimp stuffed zucchini (pumpkin) blossoms - pg 186
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  1. You are whipping through these recipes, Emily! You picked out some winners. I liked this soup, too..good to know it works with parsnips, too :)

  2. I should have had this soup for breakfast! Maybe I would have enjoyed it more in the morning. It wasn't my favorite.

  3. I have come to really like parsnips, something I never used before FFWD. and I am sure it was delicious as a soup. It certainly looks
    wonderful, as do all the recipes you completed this week. Great job.

  4. Wow! I’m impressed you’ve made so many of the recipes already! Nice job! I would think parsnips would work perfectly in this soup…I love the flavor of parsnips!

  5. You were busy this week, Emily. Looks like you ate well. I really liked the soup and think it would work really well with parsnips too. Nice substitution.

  6. Wow you were multi-tasking this week! Thanks for the chilled soup suggestion, I liked it chilled and warm -

    Did you have a favorite out of your make-up recipes?

  7. As always, you continue to amaze me, Emily. More wonderful recipes from you. My mom used to use parsnips for various recipes but they seem to have gone out of favor here in the US. The soup probably did have a different flavor but I bet it was good. Cold? Hmmmmm. Very sophisticated. Your two other efforts look delicious. Good for you, my dear.

  8. What an amazing week of recipes! Wow!! I did make the soup yesterday, but haven't posted yet because I need to take a "pretty" picture!

    I like the idea of the parsnips. How funny, I just bought some yesterday! The hachis parmentier is one of my favorites. I'm happy that you enjoyed! Always nice to have something yummy for a workday lunch!!

  9. I would love to try pumpkin blossoms since I loved the zucchini ones so much great idea.

  10. Emily, wonderful looking parsnip soup (which I love, by the way) - parsnips are very tasty and versatile and wonderful in soups! And amazing make-ups with great pictures - you must have had a really delicious week!
    Have a great weekend!

  11. I'm so impressed by how many make up recipes you have managed to get through. I loved both the stuffed blossoms and the hachis parmentier. I hope that everyone is doing well there.

  12. A busy week of cooking for you. I never acquired a taste for cold soup but I did like this recipe. I have not made the hachis parmentier yet but I will look into that this Fall.

  13. Wow, you really manage to get a lot done every week! Everything looks beautiful. Hachis Parmentier was a favourite of mine - so good!

  14. You are braver than me, eating your soup cold. Glad you enjoyed it. Your zucchini flowers look amazing.

  15. I wish that I had thought of parsnips when I couldn't find celery root in time to make this. Great thinking.
    Your pumpkin blossoms look so delicious. I really enjoyed that recipe.