Saturday, October 17, 2015

FFwD ~ catch up - 3rd week October 2015

Continuing the journey through

Dorie Greenspan's

by my lonesome self

 Above: garlicky crumb-coated broccoli - page 334
Above:  broth-braised potatoes - page 358 
I used vegetable broth instead of chicken
 Enjoyed these two sides
with simple pan fried crispy skin salmon
with boiled white pearl onions deglazed
in same pan with a ladle full of potato broth
tonight's dinner!

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Anonymous said...

Emilly... all by your lonesome! :(.

I loved the potatoes, and forgot about them, so great reminder. The broccoli was good too! All of your dishes look delicious! and crispy skinned salmon. Well done!!

Emily said...

But I am now cheered up by your lovely visit and comment!

Nana said...

I like that too, "all by your lonesome". I had forgotten some of the dishes that we prepared and it's nice to see a reminder. Yours look really
good, and I give you a lot of credit for continuing this journey.
It is such an accomplishment to finish something. Good luck.

Emily said...

Hi Nana!
Miss you and Tricia much! I thought the garlicky crumb coated broccoli was great. That broth braised potato was a hit with hubby!