Monday, March 23, 2015

From Rachel Khoo's My Kitchen Notebook ~ Plum jelly with elderflower chantilly

More cooking from
my collection of  Rachel Khoo's cookbooks:
*Plum jelly with elderflower chantilly*
pages 174 to 175 of Rachel Khoo's My Kitchen Notebook
Rachel Khoo's
The Little Paris Kitchen
My Little French Kitchen
RK's Kitchen Notebook

My Plum and Roselle Jelly
with whipped cream
 above: my hubby's portion
below: mine with half a kiwi for added color!
 my first harvest of Roselle flowers
consists of only ten bulbs so I added them
to the pot of plums boiling away!
I love these glasses for mousses, jellies etc
cause they are easy to chill away in the fridge
with their own covers
 my DH asked to make more closer to the weekend!


  1. You are cooking your way thru RK's books?
    Everything you make sounds good!
    And thumbs up from your roselle harvest! Nice!