Thursday, March 26, 2015

FFwD ~ Next day beef salad, and more!

Since I have no left over roast beef
I pan seared some marinated beef slices
made the mayo, dressed the beef
draped the mixture over a bed of greens, reds and yellow!
our Sunday dinner:
next (same) day beef salad
served with corn pancakes
and endives, apples, and grapes
with olive buns to soak up any juices
sorry, no leftovers - all gone
above: endives, apples, and grapes ~ fabulous!
below: hubby's Sunday lunch
above: my favorite spice-crusted salmon
with pumpkin stir-fry
with corn pancakes
          Next day beef salad - pg 260-261
Endives, apples, and grapes - pg 338-339
Corn pancakes - pg 337
mayonnaise - pg 490
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  1. Looks like you had another delicious Dorie dinner!

  2. I was wondering how many would end up cooking the beef especially for this recipe! After eating it I think it would be entirely worth it!

  3. Looks very delicious and was certainly a nice change. We loved it.

  4. I'm wondering if I am the only person who just bought roast beef. I'm not a big beef person so I wouldn't appreciate cooking it, but I can see how that would bring this salad to a different level. Glad you enjoyed it.

  5. Looks great, the beef AND the make ups. You are on a roll, Emily!

  6. NIcely done. When I made this (by mistake earlier), I had to do my beef just for the salad. And, I liked the salad so much that I would do that again.

  7. Your presentation is so colorful and beautiful. I too had no left over beef and had to cook up a steak for this dish. I am so happy to find something to do with leftover beef

  8. Your salad looks delicious! I thought this was fun to make, and a surprise with the combination of ingredients. Your other dishes look wonderful as well!!

  9. All of your recipes look delicious. I remember being surprised by how much I liked the endive recipe.

  10. Look how much you are getting done! I wish I could keep up with you with the catch-ups! I'm gonna try and get more done this month. Your recipes look great!

  11. What a good idea to pan sear slices! And you got a lot done this week - I won't be surprised if you've finished the book by the time the group ends. :)

  12. This is a great trio of dishes. I loved the beef salad.

  13. What a gorgeous combination of dishes! You are right about all those colors! I've not yet made the corn pancakes and those look really good.

  14. The endive recipe was a favorite of mine.
    I had forgotten about the corn pancakes! Yum...