Wednesday, February 25, 2015

TCS Bakers ~ Black and White Chocolate Torte

I made the full recipe for the cake
and decided to reduce the whipping cream for the 
frosting... in order not to have 3 cups of it!
and remember to take the frosting out of the fridge
some time before using it otherwise
it will be impossible to spread
like the following picture! 
when I discovered that I did not have enough
frosting for the outside of the cake,
I added more whipping cream
and used the hand held electric beater
got the frosting to spreadable consistency
it was a bit scary at first when the frosting
separated and with constant beating
for 5 mins - it all came together!
  Love the method of melted butter, chocolate and water
being added to the dry ingredients
resulting in lovely close crumbs
and the cake tasted good with the Kahlua drizzle
on the cut surface of the layers 
before the frosting
hubby liked this chocolate cake and
one of my regular tasters said its cafe menu quality!
a sure-to-repeat-recipe!
 page 96 from The Southern Cake Book
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Anonymous said...

Yum yum! This looks wonderful Emily, good job :) Laura@ Baking in Pyjamas

OvenDelights said...

I'm glad the recipe was a success! The layers look delicious!

The Ninja Baker said...

Oh, my that Kahlua drizzle atop chocolate cake does look to be divine. Bravo on getting the frosting back on track =)

Elle said...

So decadent looking Emily. I guess if I make it I'll do the full amount of frosting. Thanks for the tip on letting it warm up before frosting the cake. I think you are the only one to make this beautiful torte!