Thursday, October 16, 2014

FFwD ~ Roasted jerusalem artichokes with garlic

 Sorry, no jerusalem artichokes in my location
goggled jerusalem artichokes substitution
and got water chestnuts and jicama (spanish) or yam beam
so I used these two suggestions and a potato
and in the end ran out of space for the potato
so just dusted the potato wedges with curry powder
interesting flavors
Dieter's tartine with ricotta cheese and sour cream dressing
topped with home grown chives, roma tomatoes
and store bought cucumbers
I enjoyed the dressing
I used a mixture of ground sirloin and mutton for the patty
I find the rest of the patty ingredients interesting
I had sweet potatoes waiting to be used so
coated them with batter we used for 
the shrimp stuffed squash blossoms
minus the cold soda water
and it worked just as well, crispy sweet potato fritters!
 Do check out the rest of group's results for this week's recipe at:
(click picture below)
Roasted Jerusalem Artichokes with Garlic - pg 353
Dieter's tartine - pg 38 and 39
Cafe Salle Pleyel hamburger - pg 240 to 242
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  1. Interesting, not sure that I've ever eaten cooked jicama. But it would certainly be easier to find year-round so maybe I should try it.

  2. Yeah, those alternatives sound just as weird as the artichokes! Boy, you're on a roll with your catch up recipes!!! Brava!

  3. Which one did you enjoy more, the jicama or the water chestnuts?

  4. I am enjoying your catchups - reminds me of recipes long forgotten.

  5. Ladies,
    Jicama and water chestnuts are definitely easier for me to find in my location then the JA !!
    DH ate everything on those two plates for his lunch, I munched a few bits of the jicama and water chestnuts - tender, juicy and sweet! I liked the curried potato wedges bettter!

  6. Another great week for you, Emily! Great job on making this one work for you! I have never had Jicama, but I see it in my grocery all the time! Happy Friday!

  7. I like both Jicama and water chesnuts more than JA. They are more versitale too... no great loss not to find them.

  8. You'll be caught up in no time at the rate you're going, Emily. I've never eaten jicama cooked, just raw. What you did with it sounds interesting.

  9. I was going with water chestnuts too then I found the sunchokes at the last minute!

  10. Great substitutions. I have tried the raw jicama before but never cooked.
    This will be a make up for me, since we could not find the sunchokes.
    Thank you for your lovely thoughts on our anniversary, that was so nice.

  11. I don't think I have ever had cooked jicama either. Glad Mr. Google was a help :-)

  12. I love your substitutions for this week - they sound delicious! And the hamburger was a surprise favourite for us. Yours looks great. The dieter's tartine was really good, too, wasn't it?

  13. Emily, wonderful substitution - your roasted vegetables look delicious and so do all your other dishes that you prepared - the girls often ask about Dieter´s tartine, they really liked that "recipe" when I made it.
    Have a lovely Sunday,

  14. Very innovative!!!
    I've never cooked water chestnuts or jicama so it's great seeing to see them being used! Amazing catch up job! Brings up lots of memories :)