Thursday, December 18, 2014

FFwD ~ Orange Olive Salad and more

I am back cooking with the Doristas
at FFwD
after being quiet for almost two months
due to:
 a leaky ceiling
a leaky gas stove/oven
and a bad back
this week's FFwD recipe ~
orange olive salad:
I like Dorie's tip on soaking the cut onions
in cold water to rid the bitterness
paired with 20 minute honey glazed duck breast
which the Doristas made way back in November 2011!
and below are some catching up I managed:
of course I had to substitute the air dried beef
with thin slices of Primo Prosciutto Parma
on top of toasted and buttered multi grain bread,
drizzled with olive oil 
and topped with toasted walnuts
(I drizzled on some balsamic vinegar too)
and watermelon chunks
(better with some hot mustard)
of course I ate this twice in the week!
 pan-seared duck breast with kumquats
finally managed to order a duck
from Ampang Grocers
cos only found frozen ducks everywhere I went
(except of course I did not make to the
biggest wet market near me cos
its so difficult to get a car park bay
with all the on going construction there of late)

first time ever cooked duck
(now what shall I do with the balance of the duck?)
and kumquats
and ate kumquats raw too!
read H.E.R.E. for health benefits of kumquats
 Do check out the rest of group's results for this week's recipe at:
(click picture below)
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  1. Oh, no. Sorry for all the house and heath woes. Good to see you back with all the wonderful recipes :)

  2. Welcome back! Looks like you are catching up quickly. I haven't made the orange salad yet but look forward to it. I hope your troubles are resolved now!

  3. Welcome back.. great catch ups. Happy Holidays to you.

  4. Bake the duck legs. They are delicious! Since they have a lot of fat you need to use a pan like Pyrex with higher sides. Any of the sauces that are good for duck breast are good for duck legs.

  5. You really outdid yourself this week, Emily. Nice to have your back. Yes to what Adriana says or try duck confit with the legs. This recipe doesn't need extra duck fat:

  6. You did well on your catchups. Glad you enjoyed the salad. Merry Xmas.

  7. I agree, that is quite a lot of beautiful dishes to catch up with. I loved
    the duck recipes, they were delicious. Merry Christmas to you.

  8. Great catch ups, Emily! Sorry to hear about all the breakdowns you’ve had recently.
    My tagine needed to soak for 24 hours, and then get rubbed with some olive oil, and placed in a 225° oven for 90 minutes. Happy Holidays!

  9. Welcome back! Sounds like you've enjoyed catching up! For the duck legs, roasting them with some fruit is always great!

  10. Welcome back. Wishing you good health. You did quite a lot of cooking and it all looks fabulous. Happy holidays!

  11. Sorry to hear that life has been challenging - happy to see you back, though. You were missed.
    Nice make up & happy holidays.

  12. I hope things are much better now. You did an amazing catch up! Happy New Year!