Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Cottage Cooking Club ~ CCC ~ December 2015 offerings

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for organizing this cook-along-with-Hugh!
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From the chapter of Bready Things:
Spicy carrot and chickpea pocket (page 193)
did not have pita bread nor made Hugh's bread
so used chapati instead
  Risotto with chestnuts
paired with blanched broccoli and crispy skin salmon
for DH's Saturday dinner
no complaints as you can see!
From the chapter of Pasta and Rice:
Arancini (page 270)
which is made with mashed risotto, with a pesto and cheese filling
DH's Sunday dinner paired with Panzanella page 86
which I had been wanting to make for some time!
I tried shaping the rice balls by hands but to no avail so I used
these molds from my bento making days!
 From the chapter of Hefty Soups:
Mushroom stoup (page 154)
(without the dumplings but added barley and elbow pasta)
Below: From the chapter of Comfort Food and Feasts:
Chachouka (page 20)
From the chapter of Store-Cupboard Suppers:
Blue cheese and chives tart (page 216)
 Above, on the Right - hubby's mozzarella tart
 I had Danube Extra Creamy blue cheese x 2 pieces!
(I hope hubby don't raid the fridge and chance upon the small container
with the balance of the blue cheese - 
he will probably think I kept cheese till they got moldy!)
I love the extra crunch of baking the tarts on top of fine semolina.


  1. All of your dishes look so delicious - it's no wonder your husband is so appreciative. I hope you have a wonderful New Year. Until next month.....

    1. Zosia, I wonder what's in store for January!

  2. Wow! You were a cooking machine this month! Everything looks great! Happy new Year, Emily!

  3. You have been a busy woman, Emily. If I had found the extra blue cheese, I would have known it was not moldy and would have eaten it with crackers for a snack. I love blue cheese of any kind and from anywhere. I am anxious to make the Chachouka which all of you have seemed to like. My long-time Sicilian neighbor made Arachini. I don't know if I can match her but in the future, I might try. In fact, all your recipes sound and look delicious. It will be good to get back in the kitchen after a 2-month hiatus. It's hard to maintain a cooking routine when you're on the road for so long. By next week I will be settled in California for the winter and will be back joining you. Your "Happy New Year" card from me should arrive by New Years Day. And, to answer your question - yes, we did find Malaysia on our jigsaw puzzle. We also discovered islands that we had never even heard of. Again, Happy New Year to you and your husband. XOX

  4. Hi Emily, so happy you enjoyed your broad selection of preparations this month and each look very lovely. I like your Cahachouka and prepared this as well which I thought quite delicious. Next time I would likely use Betsy's comment on cooking the eggs right upon the stove. Very nice switch out on the Chapati for the spiced carrots and chickpeas.Also love the Arancini, Risotto with Chestnuts, and yours and hubby's his and her tarts! Happy New Year!

  5. Dear Emily, what an amazing array of lovely dishes that you cooked up for you and your husband during the very busy month of December! They all look utterly delicious and I am quite happy that you and your hubby enjoyed them so much! Especially that tart with blue cheese - I know that you had your doubts about that!
    Thank you, again, for your participation in the CCC, for all your lovely posts and comments and all!
    Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year and "see" you again soon!

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  7. Wow! Emily you are amazing, looks like you were very busy. I will be preparing the egg dish, love everything about that dish. Happy New Year's to you and your family!!!

  8. Everything looks delicious! I really want to try the arancini, but they sound like a lot of work. I hope they were worth it.

  9. I love the molds you used to shape the arancini! And I'm not surprised that there were no complaints about your beautiful risotto dinner.