Thursday, December 5, 2013

FFwD ~ Almond Orange Tuiles

Its Friday!

I made 12 tuiles
only 4 pieces survived
8 pieces burnt! 
I used almond slices with skin on
My DH had this serving for breakfast
and he managed to clean the bowl!

almond orange tuiles (pg 404)
olive oil ice cream
(from way back in June 2012)

check out the rest of group's results at:
recipe from
around my french table by Dorie Greenspan
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  1. Hi Emily,
    Your tuiles looks delish! And they are rather tricky to make!
    Just came back from BBW sales with 6 books, this is the first round! :)

  2. Well I think the ones that did work look GREAT!

  3. Nice breakfast Emily:) I love that ice cream..can't say the same for the cookies.

  4. Great pairing! It seems we all had trouble with these finicky cookies!

  5. I know some people that would love cookies and ice cream for breakfast. Your cookies look good. They were mighty troublesome...

  6. Well, at least you had a few to photograph great idea with the olive oil ice cream… a perfect Mediterranean treat.

  7. I loved the olive oil ice cream…it was one of my favorites! Your cookies look lovely…sorry they were a problem. They stuck so badly to my cookie sheet I had to scrap them off!

  8. That looks so perfect. This week's recipe was really a challenge and
    I hope to try again.

  9. I tried 2 batches of tuiles and mone behaved properly!

  10. Mine also had skins on!

  11. That is a beautiful presentation, Emily. Even if only three of yours made it past the finish line, you took some beautiful pictures. Glad your hubby enjoyed it. On to chopped liver. Wonder how he will handle that one.

  12. We would never know -- survivor looks great! Well done w/the ice cream combo.

  13. Such a pretty presentation! The olive oil ice cream was good, wasn't it?

  14. That's my kind of breakfast! I'm sorry 8 were burned, the remaining 4 look lovely.

  15. Love the combination of tuiles and olive oil ice cream! Mine didn't burn, but I'd argue they were less successful than yours!