Thursday, November 28, 2013

FFWD ~ Sugar-Coated French Toast

sugar-coated french toast

Firstly I could not find any brioche in the shops I frequent
hence made my own!
its a two-day venture!
above: after mixing together all the ingredients

above: after first proof and into the fridge for an overnight stay and more

above: after second proof at the end of my workday yesterday

above: leaving to prove for another 45mins
 below: (R) the side of the loaf is pale because of the paper lining
I tasted the individual buns - they popped right out of the buttered pans - quite good!
followed their HOW TO VIDEO HERE!
apologies to Dorie for not using her recipe in AMFT
as that was rather complicated for a night baking person like me!

and now to the main subject matter!

Sugar-Coated French Toast
I made three slices of the toast using a third of the recipe
with some batter left over to finish off the rest of the bread tomorrow
instead of more sugar for dusting, drizzled maple syrup
Both of DH and I had the above serving each
(and I ate the third slice which was abit dark being the first slice going into the butter!)
**Supper in asean countries is a meal by itself ie after clubbing, 
mahjong night sessions, football matches, and other nocturnal activies**
cos night was the only time free for anything for my buzy Friday!
ps: I might also make this with sourdough bread!!
check out the rest of group's results at:
recipe from
around my french table by Dorie Greenspan
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  1. Wow- extra credit points for making that amazing homemade brioche. Well played. Your French Toast looks amazing. My this was good, no ? I am absolutely going to be making this one again.....

  2. You did double duty this week! I bet this French toast was amazing with homemade brioche!

  3. Nice job with the homemade brioche! I'm sure your French toast was extra special.

  4. Lovely brioche! Glad you were able to make this! It looks like it turned out great!

  5. I'm impressed you made the brioche! There was no way I was doing that. :-) I just used the closest thing I could find at the supermarket.

  6. Hi Emily,
    I love making brioche! I have not seen brioche in any of the bakeries either! But on the other hand, have not been to any bakeries for ages!
    Your brioche looks great, with lovely soft texture!

  7. Oh, how fun that you made brioche too! Well done.

  8. You did a wonderful job on your brioche. Your French Toast looks wonderful.

  9. Hi Emily, I've never tried to make brioche before. Thanks for sharing this recipe. Definitely love to add this on my baking list :)

  10. Kudos for making your own bread! So did I!

  11. Dear Emily, I must admit that I am quite impressed that you baked your own wonderful bread for this - the bread alone looks fabulous. And your French Toast looks absolutely delicious - what a wonderful treat!
    Have a great week!

  12. Baking your own brioche, my dear girl, gets you the blue ribbon for this week. Your bread looks wonderful and that you used some of it for this week's recipe is even better. (Somehow I don't think Brioche, which I adore, should be soaked and fried. It's almost a travesty, don't you think?) Nice post.

  13. Wow…I’m impressed that you went that extra mile and made your own brioche! Everything looks beautiful!

  14. What time do you usually eat supper? I actually love breakfast for dinner, so this sounds great to me. I'm so impressed you made your own brioche for this one.