Thursday, September 19, 2013

Latest additions to my kitchen!

DH arrived home today from NYC after being
away for almost two weeks and brought home
these for me!
(two for me and one for DD#1 or vice-versa)
these pans were used by Nigella for her individual
Chocolate Brownie Bowls 
featured in Nigella Kitchen (pgs 161-163)
DH asked where are you gonna put 
these cakebooks?
(above: wonderful paperback - picture of every cake)
let me think....
(above: not enuf pictures - rather hardly any)
under the bed?
(above: 250 cake recipes and only pictures of 13!)
below: finally this came home to mama!
this was such a heavy book ~ thanks sweetie!


  1. Hi Emily,
    Wow, I thought I would only drool over food, now am practically drooling over your pans and cookbooks! No place for your cookbooks? No worries, you will think of somewhere to keep them, there's always a place for cookbooks, somehow!! Haha!
    I'm already thinking of reserving some space, for BBW sale end of the year!!! Kakakakaka!!!

  2. Wahh you sure plan ahead, never been to a BBW sale because of the location but DD#2 goes so my needs are covered!

  3. OMG! I envy you! You have no space for your cookbooks u can give me LOL