Wednesday, May 8, 2013

THB #18: Marrionberry-Hazelnut Cake

baking from Lou Seibert Pappas's
Coffee Cakes
using this rectangle removeable base pan for the first time!
Above: at home - first slice with ice cream, whipped cream and coffee!
Below: tea time with ice cream at work!
I used blackberries (same family as marionberry),
hazelnuts meal and chopped hazelnuts!
Go visit the hostess for this month's bake at
 TheKitchenIsMyShrink's blog for the recipe HERE!
Do give this a try - its delish!


  1. Hi Emily,
    With ice cream, looks so good! Lackberries, have not heard of it before, where did you find to google how they look like! Did you mean blackberries? LOL! They are darn expensive!!!
    This is one delish cake indeed!

  2. wakakaka! yah lor. Blackberries!

    Frozen from Ampang Grocer. I like this cake!

  3. With so much expensive ingredients, it better be delicious huh!

  4. Emily, what an interesting pie pan you have. What better way than to use it right? :):) Definitely this cake is a keeper with ice-cream :)

  5. Hi Emily, your cake looks great with ice cream! Yummy!

  6. i tink i will like a slice too..., looks awfully fantastic w ice-cream

  7. Looks yummy. Would love to try: )

  8. hi Emily, great looking cake and look even more delish with ice cream and whipped cream!
    nice pan u have, too :)