Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Food with home grown herbs!

Tonight's dinner:
homemade basil pesto on brown bread,
topped with tomatoes, capsicum and grated cheese,
going nowhere in the HCP so in the toaster oven they went!
Above: my mixture of herbs and flowers
Above: oregano, pandan and rosemary
Above n Below: Mulberry!
Above: Kemunting? flowering!
above: one of the dill plants flowering!
Above: strawberry seedlings, hopefully they get bigger


  1. Hi Emily,
    What a lovely herb garden! My sweet basil have all died and gone to herb heaven!
    Right now I have a few Thai basil plants. It has been awhile since I last made the basil pesto, you are making me crave for them again!

  2. lovely collection u have in your herb garden!

  3. looks like you are a good gardener too!

  4. Hi Emily - you have the most amazing herb garden! Sadly, mine's full of weeds :(