Wednesday, April 17, 2013

THB: #17 Essence of Orange – Chocolate Wafer Cake

Its our 17th cake at T H B
from Lou Seibert Pappas' 
Coffee cakes, savory, sweet and simple!

and the first time ever I chopped up an entire orange
for the cake batter!
golden raisins and orange ~ minced!
Above: it was pretty before going into the oven...
The batter rose above the rim of the pans
Above: The only decent looking cake after baking
crumb: moist, tender and just the right amount of chocolate chips!
of course I added more!


  1. Hi Emily,

    Interesting that your cake rose so much and it doesn't look as dense as mine.

    I used cooked orange instead of raw orange and mine tastes like orange slices rather than a cake.


  2. Hi Emily,
    You are up early and posting!
    Yes, this cake really rises, mine has a round crack on top, look lovely though!
    First time for me too, using a whole orange in a cake!
    This is one lovely cake!

  3. wow emily, yr cake had risen well indeed. i love the oranges in the cake.

  4. Your cake looks really tall and fluffy! I have used whole orange before, boiled till soft before mashing it...can't say I like it though, I think there's a bitterish taste.

  5. Hi Emily, it's interesting to experiment using the whole orange.First time for me too!
    Eileen, 180degrees

  6. Hi Emily! Your cake rose really well! Mine didn't rise much, but I still like it because it's really moist and tasty :)

  7. hi emily, like a polka cake dot cake hor? i am going to bake mine sometimes this week :)

  8. Esplendido, dan ganas de tomarlo ahora de postre . Besos .

  9. Emily, sadly I don't like orange cakes so I'll only go for the chocolaty bits hah! hah!

  10. Your cake looks great! It rose so high!

  11. Ya, I agreed that this cake really rose high with lovely soft fluffy texture just like yours! Lovely!

  12. Emily, I love how your loaf cake looks like with the crack. It looks pretty and very inviting :)

  13. Hi Emily, ur cake look very soft and very fluffy nice.

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