Tuesday, January 1, 2013

what did not happened in 2012....

nothing happened with these metalic cupcake liners
(btw - the top color is not blue but purple!)
 yet to use my square chiffon pans
 ladyfingers/eclair pan
 something by martha
ps: 1st day of 2013 sucks,
DH is in hospital and I lost my hp!


kitchen flavours said...

Hi Emily,
So sorry to hear that your first day is not so great! Oh dear, I hope your DH will recover soon. I had a quiet day, did some baking, while hubby went to work on a Public Holiday!!
Looks like I have my "did not happened in 2012" too, first is my doughnut pan, still collecting dust in my cupboard, secondly, mini bundt pan which I intended to use for cute mini bundts, somehow always got postponed, thirdly, a couple of cookbooks bought almost a year, but have been hibernating on my shelf and a few more things like my baguette pan, deep quiche pan, etc.....!!
Intend to use all that in full swing, soon, hopefully!
Best wishes for A Blessed and Wonderful 2013!
Take care, will be praying for your DH's speedy recovery!

lena said...

good morning emily, sorry to hear about Dh and your phone. well, accidents and getting sick bound to happen sometimes. Cheer up, hope this is going to be a better year for all of us. Havent seen a square chiffon pan, that's really a unique one!btw, all the best for 2013!

A.L.M. said...

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Zoe said...

Hi Emily,

Sorry to hear about your yucky 1st day of 2013. Hope that everything will be fine for you...

not forgetting, more baking too so that you can use all your tools that you left in dark corners in 2012...


Paloma said...

Hi Emily! How is everything going? we miss you at TCS! how is your husband? I hope everything is better... sorry about your phone as well! Keep us posted! I look forward to hearing from you! :)

Jawed Ali said...
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