Sunday, January 27, 2013

THB #13: Chocolate Almond Cake

We at the The Home Bakers baked our #13 recipe
from Coffee Cakes, simple sweet and savory by
Lou Seibert Pappas!

First time baking with HappyCallPan!
 full recipe (abit too ambitious on my part!)
happy that I need only small flame to 'bake'
 switched to smaller burner when 'burnt' smell was detacted...
The bottom and parts of the sides of the cake was 'burnt' and had to be sliced off ...
leaving me with center portion left for 'eating' which I cut into rounds with a cutter!
 cake was moist (total bake time was 25mins) but not wet and crumbs dense
the sprig of leaves is from my sambung nyawa plant
DH and I chew two leaves each every morning along with our fruits for breakfast!
love the idea of baking with my HappyCallPan!
gonna experiment more and improve the baking results!
do visit our hostess for this recipe


  1. Wow! This pan works wonder! Your cake looks great with lovely texture! YUM! :)

  2. Hi Kit!
    Really looking forward to more cakes baked with HCP!

  3. Hi Emily,
    Long time no see! How is your hubby? Hope he has fully recovered by now. Have seen HCP pans being used to bake cakes in Alice's blog and now yours!
    Glad that the cake turns out fine!
    I need to check out about HCP! Looks interesting and would be a wonderful addition to my kitchen! :)