Monday, July 30, 2012

Jamie Oliver's Creamy Mashed Potato topping for Stews

This is my 7th and last posting at
(pardon the quality of night time pictures snapping!)
I was gonna save half for today's lunch but ...... so tasty! Gone!
Above: My DH said "please make this for me when my dentist's finished with my teeth!"

A funky coke float!  Garnished with caramelised pecan nuts and almond slices!


  1. Hi Emily,the stew looks yummy & I like the mashed potatoes very much!

  2. Your stew looks delicious! I made JO's mashed potato for his fie pie before, and I could just eat the potato by itself, so tasty!
    Lovely dessert, with pecans!! And nice looking bread! :)

  3. I meant his fish pie! LOL! You see, I'm hungry now, looking at your stew and it is already 11.18pm!!!
    Goodnight, Emily, sweet dreams!

  4. Wow, Emily! You have cooked or baked 7 Jamie Oliver's recipes this month. You must be a big fan of JO :D

    Nice to know that this yummy stew is all gone within the same day... it must be very nice.

    PS. Saw your comment about using condensed milk and chocolate for the cookie filling. I think it is a brilliant idea :D

  5. Hi Emily,
    Love your yummy stew, specially your mash potatoes..nice~

  6. I like mash potatoes.. yum, yum!