Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Something Sweet & Simple by Jamie Oliver

For the whole month of July 2012
we are cooking, baking etc from recipes by Jamie Oliver
Imagine, me flipping through all of my Jamie Oliver's books,
I finally made this:
A quick dessert made by Jamie for three of his vegetarian friends.
He made mushroom burgers, pasta and this dessert - last evening's episode.
 two scoops of your fav ice cream,
freshly brewed coffee and camelised pecans for garnish
 yumms for breakfast this morning! 
read somewhere that a bit of sugar early in the morning
is good for you!!?!! LOL
  below: pecan nuts coated with icing sugar to be toasted till camelised for the garnish
 Below: 2 egg stir fry with green capsicum, seeded tomato, onion and fresh mushroom
for my dinner two nights ago
Above: nope, not Jamie's recipe - all mine! LOL


  1. Hi Emily, the dessert sounds heavenly... yup, agree we need some sugar at times ha ha - Mich@Piece of Cake

  2. Wow dessert for breakfast seems like a good tradition and I should totally start this thing at my home.
    Thanx for serving this in the morning!
    Have a great day!

  3. Oh! I totally agreed that some sugar in the morning will certainly make my day especially with this dessert of yours for breakfast! I might even make it double coz I need MORE sugar in the morning to work in my garden! LOL

  4. That'll be a crazy sugar rush in the morning - but I can definitely handle that! ;)

  5. I can recognize that this dessert is truly Jamie Oliver's style... fast, easy and delicious!

  6. I like watching Jamie Oliver in action too, he's so nimble! This dessert of his sounds wonderful and delicious!

  7. Ice cream for breakfast? Sounds good to me! :)

  8. sugar is good in the morning kah? but dont mind having that ice cream dessert in the morning!

  9. Hi Emily,
    Agreed..sugar in the morning make you happy.
    Love this simple and delicious dessert of yours.

  10. this looks really good and so easy to put together!!! i just had dinner and i fighting the urge to rush to the kitchen to assemble one now. oh dear!!! should i??