Monday, March 19, 2012

March '12 TCS ~ Tish Boyle's Individual Warm Chocolate Cakes

butter and sugar coat ramekins
melt 250g your best chocolate block with half a stick of butter
in metal bowl over pot of simmering water
whisk in 4 egg yolks
whisk 4 egg whites with pinch of cream of tartar until foamy
add 1/8 cup of caster or granulated sugar tsp by tsp and whipped till hard peaks
fold in egg whites into chocolate/yolks mixture third by third
until no egg whites are visible
baked in hot oven for 17 minutes 
cool in ramekins for 1 minute, run sharp knife round sides, tip out onto palm and
 place upright on serving plate. 
dust with icing sugar, garnish with fruits of your choice and a sprig of mint!


  1. Your cakes look gorgeous and came out of the ramekins well. Mine sort of collapsed due to gooeyness. Thought they were divine

  2. Your's look perfect. I love the powdered sugar and strawberries!

  3. Your cake looks really good! I need to start baking from TB's book again!

  4. Yours look so much like beautiful little mini-souffles. Love the plating with the strawberries.

  5. Great job Emily! I find it that getting them out of the pan is the hardest thing to do ... LOL! when the center is liquid sometimes you can't flip them over your hand... so... it's really hard... :)

  6. I have to get me some of those ramekins! I love how they turned out in them. I bet those strawberries were great with the cakes!

  7. they risen so well! It sounds a very lovely dessert to me!