Friday, October 1, 2010

Help for Severe Constipation...

DH drinks this 6-veg concoction of  the following vegetables blended every morning before breakfast ... to ease his constipation, and it HELPS!
Above: a large piece lettuce leaf, half a green apple, a quarter slice of lemon, half an onion, half a tomato and a stalk of cilantro ~ blended with half a glass of filtered drinking water.
 Blend for 90secs...
Drink the juice immediately, swishing each mouthful for 5 seconds before swallowing!
DH Loves This and It HELPS!


  1. Hi Emily =)

    Thanks again for checking out my blog! I must admit that I usually browse through blog that are mostly about baked goods. Thanks for sharing different recipes and new ingredients (for me at least) with us!

  2. Hi Jimena,

    Hope you find my asean recipes interesting!