Monday, October 4, 2010

Egg Roll Snack Bento

Made four egg rolls with seafood filling last night.  Had two for dinner last night, and brought the balance for a mid day snack bento at work today.

Egg Roll:
4 eggs beaten with a pinch of sea salt
add 4 tablespoons of corn flour
Mix well
(makes 4 pancakes)

Heat skillet till very hot, cover bottom with olive oil - pour away excess
spoon two small ladle full of egg/flour mixture into skillet
tilt to cover the bottom of skillet evenly with egg mixture
turn over to brown the other side too
repeat till egg mixture is used up

Thin fish slices - marinated with sesame oil
thinly sliced young ginger
julienned carrots
thinly sliced small red onions
young green vegetables

Fry fish slices till brown on both sides,
add ginger, onions and carrots to the fish
stir fry till carrots are soft
add a dash of light soya sauce
add young greens
its ready when young greens are wilted

place a tablespoon full of filling on each pancake
roll up and serve

Best meal I had the whole Sunday. 


Pat said...

This is a brilliant idea, Em. So clever of you. I am sure my husband will love this :)

Emily said...

almost miss your comment here!

check out this recipe:

and this:

sure to keep your DH happy.