Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wholegrain Bread in a Pullman Pan

at 3 times the given recipe
 missing one picture in between these two - dough after 1st rising!
 only thing different was that I baked it last night in my new pullman pan but I did not fill it with enough dough to get a full height loaf.  gonna bake bread in my pullman pan again, soon!

 now I can make 'proper sandwiches' for DH!

HERE is the very first time I baked this recipe!


  1. What a way to go with Pullman Pan! My pan has been lying in my "pan cupboard" for the past year! Yikes!! Shame on me! :)

  2. although you mentioned that the bread did not fill up the pan but i can see that it's almost square, nice! More sandwiches for DH, yay!