Wednesday, June 6, 2012

THB#4 ~ Pear Pinwheel and Hazelnut Cake

Its that The Home Bakers (THB) time of the month again! 
Our 4th recipe from "Coffee Cakes" by Lou Seibert Pappas is
hosted by Zoe of BakeForHappyKids (recipe available at her blog!)
who is part of the trio of Super Bakers with Lena and organised by Joyce!
Here is my humble version of the said recipe
~ Pear Pinwheel and Hazelnut Cake ~
Above: right ~ I used almond meal instead of ground hazelnuts
 and left ~ greased and floured springform pan
Above: cake mixture
Below: sliced pears with cinnamon and sugar
Below: I did my best for the pinwheel formation!
Below: hot out from the oven!
Below: a slice of fruity almond goodness!
Sigh - forgot to snap a decent picture of the whole cake before slicing!
anyways, here is that slice again!
byeee! till the next cake!


  1. Hi Emily, I love it that you used ground almonds, I think that I would have preferred it with almonds! Looking forward to next bake with almonds! :)

  2. Emily, your cake has such a lovely golden hue! Very pretty!

  3. Beautiful Emily! Must've tasted great with almonds.

  4. seeing a different version of the cake. Ground almonds..good idea too!

  5. oh, and also thanks for sharing your views on the cake on the q&a page!

  6. Almonds is such a good sub. There is something delicate about the almond flavor. I love to bake with almond flavoring, as well as the nuts.

  7. waaa i love the pic when its just out fr the oven... looks so yummy!

  8. Hi Emily, mmm almond sounds like a wonderful substitution! Your cake looks really lovely :)

  9. Hi Emily, love the look of your cake, looks delicious!

  10. The use of almond meal instead of hazelnut meal is a great substitution idea. It is finer in texture and less nutty in taster. Your cake looks delicious :D